Our Memberships

Our Memberships

Commitment to Professional Standards

In keeping with our Mission Statement highlighted below, CSB Group is a member of various professional associations; either as a company or else through its Directors in their personal capacity.

The CSB Group Mission Statement

“To support the Business Community by providing a spectrum of specialised business and commercial services through the expertise and knowledge of our team and our local and international network as well as guarantee an efficient and personalised service with an emphasis on confidentiality.”

Professional Memberships & Accreditations

In an endeavour to deliver the very best to our clients, we constantly remain on top of market, economic, socio-demographic as well as statutory changes. By maintaining relationships with the below domestic and international networks, we are able to offer the best service, while remaining at the forefront.

We recognise the importance of professional memberships. We are proud of the recognition we have received as an organisation. Such memberships and associations continue to underline our capabilities within the industries in which we operate, thus continuing to demonstrate our commitment to professional standards.


BVMW is the German Federal Association of Small and Medium Enterprises. The BVMW is a politically independent association which caters for all commercial branches and professions, and represents the interests of small and medium-sized businesses in politics, with administrative authorities, with trade unions and with major companies.

BVMW provides its members with a platform for public relations network. This is done through circa two thousand conferences and seminars which are held per year.


epca-european-payments-consulting-payment-licence-maltaThe European Payments Consulting Association, EPCA, is a pan European association of national consultancies, founded in 1998. In August 2000 the EPCA was official registered as a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG). The European Payments Consulting Association consists of ten consultancy firms based in Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Malta, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Their focus is on:

  • strategy consulting
  • payments infrastructure and organisation
  • payments product development
  • financial modelling and business-case calculations
  • research and analysis

EPCA has a substantial reach across Europe and has worked with most of the leading players in payments. On the annual EPCA Summit knowledge is shared, for professionals by professionals.

EuraAudit International

euraaudit-accounting-accounts-maltaEuraAudit International is an international accountancy group which brings together over 150 well established independent accountancy firms. The highly trained professional personnel of member firms, are holders of high-level diplomas, carry-out their assignments with complementarity and team spirit.

EuraAudit’s experts, registered with Associations or Councils in their respective country, offer a variety of services, supported by approved specialists called upon for specific assignments.


febis-credit-risk-debt-collection-maltaThe Federation of Business Information Services (FEBIS) is the leading European Credit Information Organisation formed in 1973 and today comprises more than 60 full members involved in providing Business Information and Debt Collection services of National and International importance.

Supported by a combined workforce of more than 20,000 staff, FEBIS members and Associate members – among which CSB Group – generate 180 million Business Information and Consumer Reports annually for over 500,000 European organisations.


fhrd-recruitment-hr-employment-maltaThe Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD) is a non-profit, non-governmental, voluntary organisation, established by statute in 1990 on the joint initiative of government and the private sector. It has an autonomous corporate body of a non-commercial nature with a distinct legal personality.

The Foundation works in partnership with its corporate members from private and public sector organisations, the professional HR community of practitioners and service providers, and other key local players in the field. Through membership, CSB Group contributes towards the furtherance and implementation of the aims of the foundation.


Finance-Malta-financial-servicesFinanceMalta is the public-private initiative set up to promote Malta’s International Financial Centre.

CSB Group is a founder member of FinanceMalta. The foundation was launched on the 21st of May 2007 as a partnership between the financial industry and the Government of Malta to promote Malta as a reputable financial services centre, both locally and internationally.

This was mainly because the Maltese financial services sector has grown rapidly during the last few years and is now a major force in the country’s economy. FinanceMalta’s main aim is to promote the Islands’ financial services brand, both within, as well as outside Malta’s shores. It brings together and harnesses the resources of the industry and government, to ensure that Malta maintains a modern and effective legal, regulatory and fiscal framework in which the financial services sector can continue to grow and prosper.

As the Maltese economy is a very open one in which foreign direct investment in many of its sectors is vital to its continued growth; inward investment is encouraged and assisted across the board by Government and its agencies, the financial institutions and professions and among prospective local partners; thus the role of FinanceMalta to bring such stakeholders together.



Since 1980 when it was first founded, the International Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA) has provided a forum where key issues affecting gaming globally can be discussed. IAGA is supported by a strong membership that includes leading executives, advocates, financial advisors, regulators, consultants and academics.

The numerous conferences and events hosted by IAGA each year enable attendees to participate in discussions about the latest industry topics and trends as well as benefit from networking opportunities.


ifa-international-fiscal-association-financial-services-maltaThe International Fiscal Association (IFA) was established in 1938 and is the only non-governmental and non-sectoral international organisation dealing with fiscal matters. Its objects are the study and advancement of international and comparative law in regard to public finance, specifically international and comparative fiscal law and the financial and economic aspects of taxation.

CSB Group is a member of IFA which now stands at nearly 12,000 from some 100 countries. IFA has offered the necessary forum to experts belonging to different sectors of society, where opinions on topics of international taxation can be exchanged with respect for each other’s background and responsibilities.


ifsp-financial-services-malta-insititute-financial-services-practitionersThe Institute of Financial Services Practitioners (IFSP) was established in 1989 as the Association of Nominee Companies. In 1994 it changed its name to ‘the Association of Financial Services Practitioners’. It was then in the year 2000 that the Association became known as what it is presently.

The Institute embraces as members those practitioners who work in the area of financial services. Its aims are to promote the continued development of the financial services industry in Malta; to foster, advance and protect the professional and business interests of members; to foster co-operation amongst members and to serve as a focus for a common approach to issues relating to the industry; to acquire, generate and diffuse knowledge on the conduct of financial services; to develop professional standards for the industry as a whole; and to establish and maintain a code of professional conduct and practice for members.

CSB Group’s CEO Michael J. Zammit is also an active member of the Institute’s respective Sub-Committee for Marketing and Promotion.



itpa-international-tax-planning-association-malta-taxThe International Tax Planning Association (ITPA) is a multi-disciplinary association formed of over 1000 bankers, trust officers, finance directors, accountants, lawyers and others with a practical interest in the tax aspects of cross-frontier transactions.

The Association examines tax mostly from the point of view of the taxpayer; and thus membership is limited to practitioners who act for or in the interest of taxpayers. ITPA was founded in 1975 and is the only association devoted solely to the study of this subject. The main object of the Association is to disseminate and exchange information about international tax planning. This is done in three ways – through meetings, publications and via the internet.


macm-malta-association-credit-risk-managersThe Malta Association of Credit Management (MACM), is a members-owned, not-for-profit organisation, providing a central national organisation for the promotion and protection of all credit interests pertaining to Maltese businesses, set up in June 2001.

The main objectives of the association are threefold – to be a credit management information system provider, to offer credit management education and to act as a lobby group. Today, MACM represents a substantial share of the economy with its Members’ total annual turnover amounting to €1,400,000,000.

Malta Chamber of Commerce

malta-chamber-commerce-financial-servicesThe Malta Chamber provides a visible, prominent, strong and single point of reference for the other stakeholders, including government, EU bodies, foreign business representatives in the sectors of trade, manufacturing and services.

The organisation aims to provide enhanced ‘hands-on’ services to individual members, to mobilise sectors, associations and other groupings to pursue common agendas, to effectively respond to current issues and protect members’ interests; and – most fundamentally – to shape the policies which affect Maltese entrepreneurs.

Maltese-French Chamber of Commerce

Maltese-French-Chamber-CommerceThe Maltese-French Chamber of Commerce was set up in October 1989, with the principal aim of promoting and developing commercial, industrial and tourist exchanges between Malta and France.

It co-operates with the competent authorities, organisations and constituted bodies in the two countries. Activities include both a substantial back up to its members, assisting them in their dealings with France, as well as providing assistance to French entrepreneurs in Malta.


The Malta Funds Industry Association (MFIA) dates back to the 22nd of September 2003. At that time, the MFIA was known as the Malta Investment Management Association and initially represented the common interests of fund managers.

Following Malta’s accession to the European Union on 1 May 2004, the industry witnessed an increased interest by international fund promoters to domicile their funds in Malta. As a result of these developments, the Association broadened its remit to represent the interest of fund administrators. The strong growth of the industry in these last few years subsequently necessitated that the Association reviews its statute to encompass a wider spectrum of practitioners actively involved in the funds industry

The MFIA’s primary objective is to act as a channel of communication and to make representations to the Maltese Government and the Malta Financial Services Authority on legislative, regulatory and fiscal matters which amongst others, directly or indirectly, have an effect on the business and/or professional interests of its members.

MFIA is also represented on the Financial Services Consultative Council and on the Board of Governors of FinanceMalta. MFIA has been granted an Observor status by the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA).


mim-malta-institute-managementThe Malta Institute of Management (MIM) was founded in 1964, as a non-political, non-negotiating and non-profit making professional body for persons in Malta concerned with and involved in management. The Institute’s Mission Statement is to enhance the profession of management in Malta within a broad international framework focusing on the competence and effectiveness of managers.

Objectives of the Institute are to ensure that the Malta Institute of Management represents a wide cross-section of Malta’s Management community; to create the necessary structures to deliver services/activities to members; to develop and improve the services/activities catering for the needs of the different market segments; to enhance the quality image of the Institute; to take a pro-active stance on general issues of direct relevance to local management to contribute to develop a more international perspective to the Institute’s affairs, providing tangible benefits to members in this area.

Right from its inception, the Institute was looked upon as the professional body in Malta representing managers’ views on issues that matter to them. Its various classes of membership allow for a wide representation of the local management profession and companies actively pursuing higher standards in management practice.


mrgc-malta-remote-gaming-council-igaming-licence-applicationThe Malta Remote Gaming Council (MRGC) is an initiative of the Malta Gaming Authority as part of its strategic plan to create a dynamic regulatory environment for Remote Gaming. The Council was launched in March 2005.

The MRGC Council is made up of all stakeholders in the remote gaming industry including licensed operators, data carriers, Internet service providers, lawyers and professional services providers. The Council’s main objective is to serve as an ongoing discussion forum giving valuable feedback to the Authority to be able to keep abreast with the latest developments in the industry.

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