Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

  Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

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Cyprus has suspended the current Citizenship by Investment programme effective from November 1st 2020. Contact us for further advice and any other options to gain second citizenship or residence by investment.

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme allows individuals and family dependents to acquire citizenship by fulfilling 2 key investment elements and passing mandatory Due Diligence checks.

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment 


The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme attracts Ultra High Net Worth individuals and their families interested in gaining second citizenship in a European country.

A Mediterranean Island with Greek Heritage and rich culture, being at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and the Middle East, this European country enjoys a diversified economy amongst tourism, financial services and Real Estate opportunities

The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme is entrenched and regulated by Cypriot Law, particularly the Section 111A of the Civil Registry Laws of 2009, approved by the Council of Ministers in 2016 and amended in May 2018 and February 2019.

How to get Cypriot Citizenship by Investment?


The recently reformed Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme allows individuals and family dependents to acquire citizenship by fulfilling 2 key investment elements:

Investment in Cyprus: To make a qualifying investment of €2,000,000 in one of the following options:

Real Estate, Land Development and Infrastructure Projects​

Alternative Investment Funds or financial assets in the country

Purchase or Participations in Cypriot companies or businesses

A mix of the above

Donation: A combined donation of €150,000 the Research and Innovation Foundation and  to the Land Development Agency

Aside the above, a property of a minimum value of €500,000 must be held in perpetuity.

It is possible to add this property within the €2,000,000 portfolio if the investment is done purely in Real Estate in housing units and has not been used previously to acquire Cyprus citizenship by investment.

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment: The Benefits


Applying for Cyprus Citizenship by Investment requires financial planning and effort, time and a proper assessment of the Real Estate to be bought, as this normally the preferred route. 

There are many advantages for you and your family once you apply for Citizenship by Investment in Cyprus, your application is approved and the Certificates of Naturalization and passports are issued.

Some benefits of applying for Citizenship by Investment in Cyprus are:

Flexibility: Travel visa-free to more than 170 countries and relocate to any EU country

Accessibility: The strategic location of the island with shorts flights to Europe, Russia, Middle East and Asia

Fast turnaround: The fastest way of becoming a European Citizen, in just approximately 6 months from the submission of the application

Our Team of Advisors will guide you and your family through the process of becoming a Citizen of Cyprus, whilst our Real Estate Consultants will be able to find you the right property for your needs that will fulfil the investment criteria.

Having a second or bearing multiple citizenships and passports is an intangible asset for Private Clients to ensure flexibility and global mobility. This allows individuals and their families interested in structure his professional and personal life in a European country, and certainly, this has become the policy insurance of the 21st century.

The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme provides a route to be granted with one of the most desired Citizenships through a strong investment in one of EU leading economies providing a safe harbour at the same time.

How we can help you to obtain Cyprus Citizenship by Investment?


CSB Group operates from Malta providing top-notch services to Private Clients worldwide. Having more than 30 years in the Service Industry and counting with a team of Investment Immigration, Legal and Tax Planning Professionals, it is the partner of choice for your citizenship and residency by investment planning in Europe.


A Streamlined Process

With a timeframe which ranges approximately between 6 months from the submission to the application, our Advisors will assist you and your family on every step of the journey to your new citizenship.

Also, we will be able to assist you in finding the best and most suitable properties in Cyprus that can cover your family needs and investment desire. Our preferred partners on the ground can give you access to the finest and most desired properties in the island, guiding you through the path of buying a property in order to fulfil part of the financial criteria required to get Cyprus Citizenship by Investment.

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Key Contacts

Andres Gutierrez

Investment Migration Advisor

Malcolm Ferrante

Senior Manager Business Development



Fact File

Full Country Name:
Republic of Cyprus 

Capital City:

1,189,265 (As of 2018)

Euro (€)

Member of the EU:
Since 2004

Total Area SQM in KM:

Official Languages:
Greek, Turkish

Subtropical Climate - Hot Summers and very mild Winters

Life Expectancy:
Male: 78.4 years - Female: 83.1 years (As of 2018)

Interesting Fact:
Cyprus has the world’s oldest wine label – the Cypriot dessert wine Commandaria is recognized as the world’s oldest named wine.


We have had the good fortune of working with Andres and his team at CSB on a variety of citizenship and residency matters for our clients. CSB has given us thoughtful and thorough advice and been an invaluable partner. Despite being many time zones and thousands of miles away, Andres and his team are incredibly responsive and willing to speak at any hour of the day. We would certainly recommend them to anyone seeking best-in-class legal advice related to global citizenship and residency issues.

An independent investment office

We chose Malta as our new permanent home and CSB Group to help us through the residency process. They went way beyond our expectations treating our application as if it were their own. Their service was nothing short of stellar from understanding our needs preparation of the required documentation, and follow-up phase during a period with the sharpest movement restrictions. Malta deserves a place on every investor’s radar, mostly because of the surprising efficiency permeating the place, efficiency which starts with CSB.

Christian G.

"I have been working with CSB for over 12 years and the words that come to my mind are trust and responsibility. CSB is an integrated part of my companies – it’s simple and safe and lets me focus on the bigger picture."

Andreas L. Borgmann

Reddo Holding Ltd

"CSB provides us with a wide range of professional services and we are equally happy with any of them. We’d recommend CSB to any company looking for a solid partner to support its Malta-based business."


Thank you for making everything run perfectly smooth for us. Your team looks after us as if we were their parents and they are everything one can wish for; accurate, fast and with a vast knowledge. We are very fond of CSB Group and we are more than content.

Retired Swiss Entrepreneur


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