The Maternity Leave Trust Fund


The Maternity Leave Trust Fund came in force on the 6th of July 2015. This Fund has been established by the Government of Malta to support employers of the private sector with paying maternity leave with full pay. This Fund is established as a solution to disproportionate expenses previously incurred by employers in maternity leave. The employers are thus being refunded for fourteen weeks of the salaries paid to employees who avails themselves of maternity leave.

The Fund is being financed through a minimal contribution by private companies, whereby the contribution of 0.3% of the basic wage for each employee, is being paid by the employer, irrespective of the gender of the employee.

On the 15th of July 2016, The Malta Chamber of Commerce has announced that employers can now start applying for refunds for contributions to the Maternity Leave Trust Fund, as the Maternity Leave Refund Forms have now been made available online. Employers have been paying this contribution since the Fund’s launch last year, but had no recourse for reimbursement until July 2016.