Malta and Liechtenstein Conclude DTA


Liechtenstein and Malta have recently finalised negotiations on a bilateral double taxation agreement (Double Taxation Treaty – DTA).

Talks lasted six month with delegations from Liechtenstein and Malta agreeing to conclude negotiations on the DTA. The agreement was signed in Vaduz in respect of taxes on income and on wealth. In addition, the agreement follows the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Model Convention and governs the tax treatment of wealth structures and funds.

Boosting mutual investment

According to the Liechtenstein government, the agreement is designed to boost mutual investment between both countries and will serve to contribute to the further positive development of economic relations between the two countries.

Liechtenstein’s Prime Minister Klaus Tschütscher welcomed the successful conclusion of negotiations, explaining that for Liechtenstein this marks a further step forward in the consistent expansion of the Principality’s global DTA network. This while simultaneously enabling the country to establish and to deepen relations with another European Union member state.

The signing of the DTA is due to take place during the course of 2013. The text will be published following the signing. The agreement is expected to apply from January 1, 2014.