Malta Signs Agreement to Eliminate Double Taxation


As reported in the local media, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, George W. Vella and deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova, Natalia Gherman signed a joint declaration in aid of what Malta can offer to Moldova in a European integration.

This joint statement provides support which Malta can provide to Moldova as a member of the European Union. It follows the plans laid out by the European Union as to assist Moldova and Georgia in their journey as to strengthen their association within the EU.

Minister Vella said that Malta has been providing support to Moldova in its association’s agreement (Association Agreement and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement) with the European Union which is planned to be signed next June. He stated that Malta is ready to share with Moldova her experiences both political and economic association with the European Union as well as cooperation in various sectors including tourism, diplomacy, education, ICT, management and other sectors.

The elimination of double taxation

Minister Vella and Minister Natalia Gherman also signed an agreement with regards to the elimination of double taxation. This is the first agreement ever signed between Malta and Moldova. Such agreements eliminates double taxation, which provides enhanced trade between the two countries as well as investment.