Performance Management


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Programme & Course Outline

Dates: 10th,17th, 21st, 24th, 28th April
5th, 10th,18th,19th,25th May and
2nd June 2017
Duration: 33 hours, spread over 11 sessions (14:00 to 17:00)
An additional 2 hour Home Assignment is also included.
Venue: Tower Business Centre, Tower Street, Swatar
Cost: €850 incl. VAT

Package Includes

• Course handouts
• Coffee Breaks
• Certificate of Attendance
• Free Parking (Subject to availability)

Course Overview

Business organisations are increasingly becoming dependent on high calibre employees in order to sustain their operations and have an edge on competition. In this regards management needs to ensure that it has the right number and quality of employees at all times but in particular anticipate and prepare for the future, as technology and systems change. In this regards managers of people need to take constant stock of the level of competences of their staff and take measures to strengthen existing ones but also to bridge the gaps in knowledge and skills where appropriate. This requires the ability to analyse current competences but also identify correctly what the gaps are and take action to address them. This is the process of a learning needs analysis which any modern business needs in order to sustain its business and retain staff.

In addition, Performance Management is critical for sustained business. For this reason one needs to understand the implications of the subject and how the process of developing a PM system, entails looking into various aspects of HR and training practices. This course is designed to offer an understanding of the big picture but also the competence to develop tools for managing performance and apply effective practices for successful performance outcomes.

Course Content

  • Understanding the business implications of a LNA and its effect on future success.
  • Building alliances so that the information that is gathered is credible and relevant for a successful outcome.
  • Idenifying evidence based data and information and how to use it effectively.
  • Identifying and developing learning and development interventions consistent with the LNA.
  • Enagage in constant evaluation and experiential learning.
  • Identifying what the benefits of performance management and appraisal are.
  • Understanding and clarifying what good performance is.
  • How to assess performance appropriately and objectively.

Course objectives

Learning Needs Analysis Process

The objectives of the course are to;

  • Assist the participants select the right methodology to develop learning instruments and how best to apply that methodology.
  • Seek the right approach to identify the learning needs of the staff and how best to solicit the support of all stakeholders in this effort.
  • Focus on the learning intervention needed and how best to transfer the learning to the work place while evalauting the outcomes to measure the effect of the interventions.

Performance Management

  • Understand the importance of a good performance management and the implications of the various aspects that need to be taken into consideration at the design stage.
  • Acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and relationships needed to develop people’s competencies at work.
  • Acquire the skills to deliver on the technical implications of developing performance management tools, conducting appraisals and coach where necessary.
  • Set SMART objectives that are both measured and monitored.
  • Conduct appraisals and handle difficult conversations.
  • Investigate poor performance and address it effectively.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Needs Analysis Process

  • Identify the difference between training, learning and development and how to use this differentitation when developing LNA tools.
  • Learn how to develop LNA tool.
  • Learn to collect and collate data.
  • Learn how to identify the learning needs of groups.
  • Identify the learning intervention consistent with the LNA.
  • Learn how to transfer learning to the work place.
  • Learn how to use evaluation as a tool for moving learning forward.
  • Develop a LNA tool and implement it successfully.
  • Translate the LNA into learning and development interventions that make a diffference to the business.

Performance Management

  • Recognize that improved performance in knowledge based organisations, comes from developing people’s knowledge, skills, attitudes and relationships.
  • Learn that managers have a critical role to play in managing performance and the develpment of people.
  • Learn the technical implications of developing performance management tools and conducting appraisals.
  • Monitor and assess performance
  • Offer effective feedback.
  • Correct performance shortfall and coach for improvement.
  • Celebrate successes and gain momentum in developing people to their full potential.
  • Design performance tools that align staff competence to business success
  • Implement the performance tools effectively by setting SMART objectives, delinate how they will be measured and monitored.
  • Conduct appraisals and handle difficult conversations
  • Investigate poor performance, develop an action plan and coach the employee towards improved performance.

Who is it for?

Individuals who are eager to succeed in their role at work, generally, but in particular those who wish to develop their competences in learning needs analysis and performance management. Therefore they would either have responsibilities for people development and performance or who aspire to have such role. The programme is also ideal for individuals who are interested in Strategic HR.

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For more information, kindly direct your request to [email protected].