Credit Risk

Credit Risk

As pioneers in business information reporting and debt collection in Malta since 1987, CSB Group’s success stems from a combination of its reputation together with its extensive range of Business Information services that include:

Business Information Report

CSB boasts an extensive database of information obtained from official sources. In addition, our team of highly professional and qualified reporters ensure the accuracy of information provided allowing creditors to take informed decisions while mitigating risk.

Today, we consider ourselves as the leading Business Information Bureau for the Maltese Islands and enjoy considerable respect within the Business Information Industry. CSB Group provides business information reports on both public and private companies, partnerships, co-operatives, firms, clubs, associations, state corporations and other commercial and non-commercial entities and / or bodies.

Business Information reports would generally include history, proprietorship, activities, payment experience and finally our conclusion which is commonly a general opinion as well as any opinion relating to a ‘Demand Credit’ where applicable. When available, our reports also include our analysis on the last set of financial statements filed with the registrar of companies. Reports can be provided in three different types of delivery periods, namely within 24 hours, 3 working days or 7 / 10 workings days.

Debt Collection

CSB Group was the pioneer to operate commercially a debt recovery service with an “Out of Court Solution” and on a “No Collection, No Fee” basis. Today, we are also recognised by the Maltese business community as ‘Debt Recovery Agents’.

Our success stems from combining our reputation with personal contact when negotiating a settlement while our database aids an efficient recovery in the shortest time possible. When debtors fail to settle a claim, if recommendable, we can initiate legal proceedings through well connected local law firms. This is done with the consent for approval of costs that would be incurred when carrying out such a procedure.

Other Business Information Services

Complementary to our business information reporting and debt collection services, CSB Group offers a number of solutions that provides a variety of official documents and certificates obtained to enhance the knowledge on a company or an individual. These include but are not limited to financial statements filed with the Registry of Companies, Certificates of Good Standing, Public searches for assets and liabilities, local address tracing and Document and Process Serving.


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