Payroll Administration Services in Malta

  Payroll Administration Services in Malta

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The outsourcing of companies’ payroll frees up resources and valuable human capital for our clients. Our confidential and customised payroll team caters for all the formalities involved in fulfilling all your business’ payroll needs.

Outsourcing of Payroll in Malta

Local or foreign companies which are engaged in employment activities in Malta, are required to keep full records for each employee, to include amounts paid as salaries, bonuses, allowances, any other additions, together with any deductions required by law relating to income tax and social security contributions (NI) from the date of engagement to the date of termination of employment. It is very important that statutory requirements are strictly adhered to.

CSB Group’s dedicated outsourced payroll advisors assists clients with their payroll requirements where the outsourcing of payroll is required. CSB Group currently provides payroll services to well over 70 companies which operate within the online gaming, financial services, retail, shipping, marketing, consultancy services amongst others.

Currently the largest payroll being administered consists of 200 employees. CSB Group’s Payroll Solutions are further complemented by Tax, Employment Law and HR Consultancy.


Through cloud based payroll systems used in the generation of clients’ payrolls, we are able to provide clients with more value added services both for their employees and their HR-related functions. Employees are provided with access to their own online portal to view payslips, FS3s, apply for leave electronically.

Leave approval is facilitated and integrated within the payroll system. Once approved by respective managers, it is automatically shown and catered for in employees’ payslips. Therefore no separate leave systems need to be maintained, rather it can be catered for within the same online payroll system 

Cloud-based Payroll System

Payroll Function Setup

Our team can handle the setting up of the payroll function and the registering of the employees that will be working in Malta. This includes: 

  • Registering for the PE Number (Employment Number) in Malta
  • For non-EU nationals, assistance with work permits is provided. 
  • For EU and non-EU nationals, assistance with obtaining the Maltese social security number, ID Card/ E-residence number/ Expatriate Number
  • Registering employees with the Inland Revenue Department through the submission of the FS4 
  • Registering employees with Jobsplus by submissions of the engagement forms

CSB Payroll Team maintain leave records for each employee so that employers and employees know exactly the leave entitlement, leave availed of  and balances at any point in  time.  This applies for vacation, sick leave and other types of leave entitlements.

Income Tax Deductions

Deductions relating to income tax are calculated and deducted from the gross salary on a monthly basis, using a system known as the Final Settlement System (FSS).  

Tax is computed according to the single, married or parental rates depending on which applies to the particular employee. Part-time rates may also apply if the employee is fully employed elsewhere (subject to certain conditions).  Rates can be viewed here.

If an employee spends less than 183 days in Malta, non-resident rates of taxation may need to be applied. In the case of director fees, different rates of taxation might need to apply

In order to put your mind at rest, CSB Payroll & Tax Teams will advise you on the appropriate tax rates to be used and applied for your employees & officers of the company. 

Social Security Contribution Deductions

Deductions relating to Social Security Contributions (“SSC”) are made on a monthly basis. As outlined above, on a monthly basis the employer will need to submit to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, a return (the FS5) summarising the following:

  • Gross Salaries for the Month for all Employees
  • Income Tax for the month for all employees
  • SSC deducted from the employees’ salaries for the month
  • SSC paid by the employer – ie. Employer’s share of SSC for the month
  • Maternity fund contributions for the month

This will need to be accompanied by the relative payment for these deductions.

Annual Submissions

On an annual basis, the FS7 and FS3s are prepared and submitted to the Inland Revenue Department in Malta. FS7 is an annual declaration for the company’s total amount of salaries, tax, NI and maternity fund contributions for all its employees. FS3 is an annual declaration for each employee’s annual gross salaries and annual deductions of income tax and NI contributions. Original of the FS3s will also be sent to the respective employees’ addresses because these will then be required for the compilation of their personal income tax returns. The deadline for the submission of the FS7 and FS3s is 15th February of the following year. At CSB Group, we can also assist with the completion of the personal income tax returns for the respective employees which are due by 30th June of the following year.

Maternity Leave 

Assistance is also provided on completion of the following:

Calculation and Payment of the employee’s last salary (including any pro-rate leave entitlements and government bonuses)

Submission of the termination forms at Jobplus

CSB Legal can also assist clients with the legal implications of redundancy, dismissal and termination and the consequent rights and obligations of the respective parties involved to ensure a smooth process is maintained.

We specialise in offering comprehensive assistance and expert guidance for the management and calculation of a wide range of statutory and company-specific leave entitlements. Most common are vacation leave, sick leave, maternity leave, injury leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, urgent family leave, and more. Additionally, we facilitate specific leave pro-rata calculations, ensuring accurate computations and corresponding payments. This is particularly valuable in situations where a new employee hasn't been employed for a full calendar year of employment, or when an employee is terminated mid-way through the year.

leave-relatedThrough the cloud-based payroll system used, employees may also conveniently apply for leave online. Moreover, they can routinely review their leave balances, providing them with greater autonomy and transparency over their leave status. For leave related matters and queries of a more legal nature, our employment law experts within our legal team would be happy to assist our clients further.

Employment Contracts

CSB Legal can assist in the drafting and preparation of the respective employment agreements / contracts (be they definite or indefinite). Working together, Payroll and Legal can assist clients in terms of specific employment regulations relating to probation, notice periods, leave entitlements (including wage regulation orders) (for all types of leave including vacation leave, sick leave, maternity leave, etc), among other advice.

Other allowances

An important part of handling payroll calculations is the ability to understand and properly manage the various extra allowances that employees might receive on top of their regular salary.

These could include allowances such as discretionary bonuses, commissions, share options, car cash allowances, per diem allowances, and both taxable (such as using company assets for personal reasons and employer reimbursements for personal expenses) and non-taxable (like relocation support and employee medical insurance) fringe benefits, among others.

For more complex matters relating to taxes, our knowledgeable tax team is available to provide more insight and support to our clients. For matters of a more legal nature, as previously mentioned, our employment law experts are ready to assist our clients.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company Payroll

Enhanced Cost and Time Efficiency

By choosing to outsource payroll, you eliminate the necessity of recruiting and training specialised personnel, resulting in substantial savings on recruitment expenses. Additionally, the financial outlay linked with payroll software upkeep is reduced. This strategic move allows your team to concentrate on fundamental business operations, freeing them from the intricacies of payroll processing. This optimisation minimises the time spent on wage calculations, tax treatments, and deductions.

Expertise and Compliance

We possess an up-to-date understanding of the dynamic tax and legal legislations and regulations. Our experience and assistance help protect against inaccuracies that could lead to non-compliance and even fines and penalties.

Data Security

Our robust security protocols act as a safeguard, fortifying sensitive data against the perils of breaches and identity theft.

Accuracy and Dependability

Through outsourcing, the risk of payroll discrepancies and miscalculations is significantly reduced. This consistent approach ensures dependable and precise payroll processing.

Seamless Scalability

Our services seamlessly adapt to fluctuations in your company’s size and structure without causing operational disruptions.

Mitigated Administrative Burden

Our comprehensive payroll management services streamline the administrative intricacies associated with payroll, including tax and payroll submissions and reporting.

Tailored Reporting

Our proficient team tailors reports and analytical insights to provide an in-depth understanding of staff costs and trends.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Our outsourcing arrangements remain adaptable, readily conforming to the evolving needs of your company.

Predictable Cost Structure

Outsourcing operations usually translate into predictable monthly expenses, simplifying the budgeting process.

Enhanced Record Keeping

Our refined Payroll solutions facilitate accurate record maintenance, a valuable asset in times of audits.


Outsourcing payroll can enhance business continuity by mitigating the risk associated with staff turnover, as the responsibility for managing payroll is placed in the hands of an external provider, reducing the potential disruptions caused by employees departing in the normal course of business.

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