Moving to Malta

Moving to Malta

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Malta has been a popular jurisdiction for expats for many years. Warm weather, island life, and a thriving economy are just some of the reasons people are drawn to its shores. But what is living in Malta like and how does one go about relocating to Malta?

CSB Group provides top-notch relocation services to anyone interested in moving to Malta. These services range from getting residency through a tax programme to finding the right home and employment. Our team of dedicated professionals are equipped with the right expertise to ensure a smooth relocation to our clients and their families.

Moving to Malta from an EU Country

If you’re moving to Malta from an EU country, the process is relatively straightforward. As a citizen of an EU Member State, you have the right to reside, work, and live in any other member state. You will need to complete the process depending on how long you want to stay and why you live in Malta.

Moving to Malta from non-EU Country

Relocating to Malta from a non-EU country is less straightforward and requires special permits and authorisation. A number of residency opportunities can be accessed depending on your means, whether you have a job in Malta, money to support yourself, or you may have to invest locally.

Residency Opportunities

Malta offers a number of opportunities for an individual to reside on the Maltese Islands. Interested individuals may qualify to obtain residency under different programmes, incentives or rules depending on various criteria. CSB Group can assist you with choosing the applicable residency permit and support you throughout the application process.

Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP)

The MPRP gives people the right to settle, stay and live in Malta permanently. To do so, they must invest in property and government contributions. The process takes around four to six months and requires capital assets of at least EUR 500,000. Visa-free travel and up to four generations of applicants are two of the main benefits.