European Residence by Investment Programmes

  European Residence by Investment Programmes

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European Residence by Investment Programme allows individuals and their families to gain access to prime education, a safe and secure jurisdiction and to have a base in Europe for personal and professional purposes.

European Residence by Investment Programmes 


Residence by Investment Programmes, or the so-called Golden Visa programmes, allow Individuals and their families to be granted a residence in a European country through an investment which can take one or multiple forms. 

Normally, this investment has a very strong or exclusive real estate component, like the Portugal, Malta or Spain Golden Visa Programmes.

Having different investment thresholds and catering for different needs, the European Residence by Investment Programmes grant the main applicant and their family members the ability to reside in the country and, therefore, to travel within the Schengen Area on a visa-free basis.

Residency in an EU country means the ability to live freely in the country of choice and gaining access to all Schengen Area member states for up to 90 days in a 180 days period. 

Even though they are not direct Citizenship by Investment programmes, such programmes can be a stepping stone in the path of obtaining personal and financial security through investing in stable and growing economies.

Malta Golden Visa

The Malta Residence and Visa Programme (MRVP), also known as the Malta Golden Visa, allows individuals and their family members to be granted a residence in Malta after making a 3 tier investment; in Real Estate - through purchasing or renting a property, in Government Bonds - which can be financed, and a minimum contribution to the Government Fund..

Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa Programme

With its unique advantages and a relatively low investment amount, this programme is very popular. It that has coined the term Golden Visa for the Residence by Investment programmes, requires a full investment in Real Estate starting from EUR 350,000 and leads to long-term residence. Eventually, after 5 continuous years, a citizenship can be obtained.

Spain Golden Visa

Spain Golden Visa Programme

The less promoted option in the Residence by Investment industry does not mean that is the less successful. The Spanish Golden Visa programme allows applicants and their families to obtain residence in the country against minimum investment of EUR500,000 in Real Estate that can either be rented or left for private or family use.


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