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Tax Residence Programmes are schemes designed by governments to attract high earners, entrepreneurs and businessmen to their shores. Normally, offering a tax flat rate or other advantageous conditions, these type of tax residence programmes are a key tool for private clients, Legal and Tax advisors in effective and efficient tax planning. 

Tax Residency Programmes 

Gaining tax efficiency through effective residence planning


The various Tax Residence Programmes offered by Malta cater to different needs and different type of individuals. Malta offers various solution, from interesting tax rates to overseas employees and CEOs interested in relocating to Malta, to High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) interested in having Malta as their European base for their personal affairs.

Global Residence Programme - Malta 

The global residence programme

The Global Residence programme is aimed to attract wealthy individuals from outside the European Union and Switzerland or individuals from the European Economic Area seeking to take up a tax residence in Malta with a favourable tax treatment.

The Residence Programme  

the residence programme

The Residence Programme is aimed to attract wealthy individuals seeking to take up tax residence in Malta. This programme is tailored to European Union nationals, Swiss nationals or individuals from the European Economic Area who would consider taking up residence in Malta with a favourable tax treatment.

Highly Qualified Persons Rule – Tax Planning for High-Income Earners

Highly Qualified Persons Rule

The “Highly Qualified Persons Rule” has been introduced to the Maltese law with the sole aim and purpose to recruit the highest qualified, experienced and senior professionals available over the globe and to provide them with a beneficial tax rate should they be employed with a licensed entity in Malta. 

Malta Retirement Programme & Special Status 

Malta retirement programme

Retirees from EU, EEA countries and Switzerland who fulfil certain special criteria can benefit from a special tax status when remitting their pension into Malta.

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