Malta Residency for Non-EU Nationals

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Discover the extraordinary opportunities offered by the Malta Residency Programmes for non-EU nationals. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the benefits, requirements, and application process. Uncover the key advantages of obtaining Malta residency, including access to the European Union and the Schengen Zone, favourable tax conditions, and a high standard of living in a picturesque Mediterranean setting. Unlock your potential and explore the possibilities of establishing a secure and prosperous future.

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Malta Residency for Non-EU Nationals

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Malta, an enchanting archipelago located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, is a country known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and picturesque landscapes. With a population of approximately 500,000, Malta offers a unique blend of European charm and Mediterranean warmth. Renowned for its ancient temples and crystal-clear waters, this small island nation has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists and expatriates alike. 

Apart from its natural beauty, Malta boasts a robust economy, driven by sectors such as financial services, gaming, tourism, and information technology. The country's strategic location and membership in the European Union have made it an attractive hub for international businesses and investors. Moreover, Malta offers an exceptional quality of life, with its mild climate, excellent healthcare system, and a welcoming and inclusive society. 

As a non-EU national seeking residency in Malta, there are specific programmes available which provide opportunities for individuals to live, work, and invest in this captivating Mediterranean nation. These include:

Why Choose Malta for Residency

When considering a place to establish residency, Malta emerges as a remarkable choice due to its numerous benefits and appealing qualities. One of the key draws of this Mediterranean archipelago is its splendid weather, characterised by mild winters and long summers, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a pleasant climate year-round. Apart from the climate, Malta boasts a vibrant lifestyle that blends history, culture, and modern amenities. The island offers a diverse range of activities, from exploring ancient temples and UNESCO World Heritage sites to indulging in water sports along its pristine coastline. In addition, Malta's thriving economy presents ample opportunities for business and career growth, particularly in sectors such as finance, iGaming, and technology.

Furthermore, Malta's strategic location within Europe is another advantage, providing easy access to all EU countries and serving as a gateway for business ventures and travel across the continent. The island's membership in the European Union also grants residents the benefits of EU citizenship, including freedom of movement and access to various social and economic rights. Overall, choosing Malta for residency offers a unique combination of favourable weather, a fulfilling lifestyle, a robust economy, and the advantages of being situated in the heart of Europe.

Residency in Malta: Understanding the Legal Framework

Residency in Malta for non-EU nationals is governed by a comprehensive legal framework that outlines the immigration law and policy of the country. Malta, as a member state of the European Union, has its own set of regulations and procedures in place to manage the entry and stay of non-EU nationals. The main legislation governing this area is the Immigration Act, which establishes the guidelines for obtaining residency permits and sets out the rights and obligations of individuals wishing to reside in Malta. 

Non-EU nationals seeking residency in Malta must fulfill specific criteria and meet certain conditions, including having a valid reason for their stay, such as employment, self-employment, or family reunification. Additionally, applicants are required to provide supporting documentation, including proof of financial stability and adequate health insurance coverage. 

The process for obtaining residency involves submitting an application to the relevant authorities, who carefully assess each case on its merits. It is important for non-EU nationals to understand and adhere to the legal requirements and procedures set forth by the Maltese government to ensure a smooth and compliant residency experience in Malta. Each residency route available for non-EU nationals has its own requirements and eligibility criteria.

Different Types of Malta Residency Programmes

The Global Residence Programme (GRP)

The Global Residence Programme (GRP) Rules is aimed to attract wealthy individuals from outside the European Union, Switzerland or the European Economic Area seeking to take up tax residence in Malta. Applicants taking up residence in Malta through the Global Residence Program will benefit from a special and favourable tax status and treatment as follows:

  • no Malta tax would be chargeable on income arising outside Malta which is not received in Malta;
  • no Malta tax would be chargeable on capital gains realised outside Malta even if these are received in Malta;
  • income arising outside Malta which is received in Malta would be chargeable to tax in Malta at the flat rate of 15%;
  • income arising in Malta and capital gains realised in Malta would be taxable in Malta at the higher rate of 35%;
  • Also, applicants will be entitled to the relief of double taxation otherwise suffered on income arising outside Malta.

Furthermore, applicants will be able to enjoy a number of other benefits, including:

  • A lively lifestyle on a sunny island in the Mediterranean with lovely weather and crystal-clear sea, regularly voted the second-best diving destination in the world, also home to three of the World UNESCO Heritage Sites;
  • Excellent political stability in a member state of the Schengen Area, offering the chance to move freely within all 26 member countries;
  • Outstanding public and private healthcare are available, granting Malta the fifth position amongst 100+ countries as ranked by the World Health Organisation (WHO);
  • A growing economy and investment opportunities especially in the real estate market;
  • English as an official language and an English-speaking population;
  • Access to work or study in Malta.

Some fine line: a minimum tax of €15,000 is payable yearly which covers the income of the beneficiary and his/her dependents arising from outside Malta and received within Malta. Applicants cannot reside in any other jurisdiction for more than 183 days per year.

Key Employee Initiative (KEI)

The Key Employee Initiative (KEI) is designed to attract highly skilled third-country nationals to work in Malta. This program offers a streamlined process for obtaining a work permit, allowing companies to recruit talent from abroad more efficiently. The KEI program targets individuals with high-level skills and qualifications, making it ideal for employers seeking to bring in key personnel to fill specific roles within their organisations.

Citizenship by Naturalization

Malta offers a Citizenship by Naturalization programme for individuals who have resided in the country for a certain period and meet specific requirements, including knowledge of the Maltese language and having substantial ties to the island. This program is suitable for individuals who wish to obtain Maltese citizenship and enjoy the benefits of being an EU citizen, such as visa-free travel within the EU and access to various social and economic opportunities.

Nomad Visa

The Nomad Visa targets remote workers and digital nomads. It allows individuals to live and work in Malta while being employed by companies located outside the country. The program offers flexibility and freedom for individuals who can work remotely, making it an attractive option for those seeking a desirable work-life balance in a Mediterranean setting.

Each of these Malta residency programs caters to different categories of individuals, ranging from investors and highly skilled professionals to remote workers and individuals seeking citizenship. By offering diverse options, Malta aims to attract a broad spectrum of talent and provide opportunities for those seeking a new lifestyle, favourable tax conditions, and access to the European Union.


The Malta Golden Visa Programme also known as the Malta Permanent Residence Programme is aimed at third-country nationals and their families seeking to reside, settle and stay in Malta. The Programme is the most flexible solution for High-Net-Worth Individuals and their families seeking to reside in an English-speaking country in Europe.

The Programme is available to Non-EU investors and their families, subject to eligibility criteria and background checks, as well as a financial investment. The requirements for the investor are summarised as follows:

Property Requirement

If purchased, the property value must be a minimum of €350,000 for a property situated in Malta or €300,000 for a property situated in Gozo or the South of Malta.

If rented, the lease value must be for a minimum of €12,000 per year for a property situated in Malta or €10,000 for a property situated in Gozo or the South of Malta.

Contribution Requirement

Make a Government Contribution which amount will depend if the qualifying property is rented or purchased, as it follows:

If the property is purchased, the contribution will be €28,000 plus €7,500 for every parent or grandparent of the principal applicant or spouse.

If the property is rented, the contribution will be €58,000 plus €7,500 for every parent or grandparent of the principal applicant or spouse.

Donation Requirement

Make a Donation of €2,000 to a local non-governmental organisation registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations, or as otherwise approved by the Agency.

Also, an administrative fee of €40,000 per application will be due. Upon submitting the application, €10,000 will need to be paid, and the balance (€30,000) upon the file's approval.

Our advisory team will be happy to hear from you and provide you with a capital outlay for the the Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) so you can have the full associated cost to apply for residence in Malta.

Highly Qualified Persons (HQP) Scheme

The objective of the Highly Qualified Persons Scheme is to attract proficient professionals to a specific nation. While HQP does not result in permanent residency, this programme usually presents several benefits for individuals who possess exceptional qualifications and proficiency in disciplines like science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM). HQP initiatives frequently offer simplified procedures, tax advantages, and additional perks which attract and retain exceptional talents.

Startup Residence Programme

The Malta Startup Residence Programme is designed exclusively for entrepreneurs from third countries, along with their families and key employees. Its primary objective is to establish Malta as the perfect destination for startups to thrive and expand within the local and European economies. Under this programme, non-EU citizens can benefit from several benefits, including Maltese and EU residency for an initial period of 3 years, with the possibility of extension for an additional five years.

Financial Implications and Investment Requirements

These immigration pathways often entail financial commitments, including application fees, processing costs, and legal expenses. Additionally, taxes may play a significant role in determining the financial implications of these options, as different countries have varying tax systems and rates. Furthermore, certain immigration programs may necessitate investments in specific sectors or industries, such as real estate to fulfill the eligibility criteria. Therefore, individuals exploring these immigration avenues should carefully evaluate the financial requirements and consider consulting with professionals to make informed decisions aligned with their financial capabilities and long-term objectives.

Eligibility Criteria for Non-EU Nationals

Eligibility criteria for non-EU nationals seeking Maltese residency involve specific requirements and qualifications. To apply for Maltese residency, non-EU nationals must fulfill certain basic prerequisites. First and foremost, individuals must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid passport. They should also demonstrate a genuine intention to reside in Malta and be financially self-sufficient. Additionally, applicants must provide evidence of health insurance coverage that is valid in Malta. 

Furthermore, individuals applying for residency need to showcase a clean criminal record and be of good character. Alongside these general requirements, non-EU nationals are expected to meet specific qualifications depending on the purpose of their stay. These qualifications could include but are not limited to being a highly skilled worker, an investor, a student, or a family member of a Maltese citizen or a non-EU national who already holds Maltese residency. By meeting these eligibility criteria, non-EU nationals can initiate the process of obtaining Maltese residency.

The Application Process

Each residency program has its own requirements, timelines and application process depending on the complexity of the program itself and what it offers in the end. The below is a summary of each program and their main details.

The Malta Global Residence Program (GRP) - A tax residency program which is renewable every year and which takes around 4-6 months to be approved.

Key Employment Initiative (KEI) - A type of work permit aimed at TCNs who earn more than EUR30k gross per annum which takes around 12 weeks to be approved. An employment contract with a Malta company needs to be in hand. 

Malta Citizenship by Investment (MEIN) - A citizenship by investment program whose first step is obtaining a Maltese residency card valid for five years. The MEIN is the fastest route to obtain an EU passport. 

Malta Digital Nomad Visa - This residence card takes 30 days to be issued and it is renewable for up to three years. 

Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP) - A residency by investment program which takes around 4 to 6 months to be approved. The residency card is issued for five years which can be renewed an infinite number of times.

Rights and Obligations of Maltese Residents

Maltese residency comes with a range of rights and obligations for its residents. Firstly, residents enjoy access to comprehensive healthcare services, ensuring their well-being and peace of mind. They have the right to quality education, with a variety of public and private institutions available at their disposal. Additionally, Maltese residents benefit from social services aimed at supporting their welfare and enhancing their quality of life. One notable aspect is the provision of free childcare, easing the burden on working parents and fostering a conducive environment for family life. 

Along with these rights, residents have certain obligations, one of which is the responsibility to pay taxes. These taxes contribute to the development and maintenance of public infrastructure and services, ensuring the sustainability of the nation's progress. By fulfilling their obligations, Maltese residents actively contribute to the growth and prosperity of their community.

How to Maintain and Renew Malta Residency

To maintain and renew Malta residency, there are several key steps and considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost, it is crucial to adhere to the residency requirements set by the Maltese authorities. This includes fulfilling the minimum physical presence requirement, which typically entails not living in any other jurisdiction for more than 183 days in a calendar year. Additionally, individuals should ensure that they continue to meet the financial obligations associated with their residency status, such as paying taxes and any applicable fees.

It is also important to keep the necessary documentation up to date, including valid identification and relevant permits or visas. Regularly checking for any changes in residency regulations or requirements is essential to staying informed and compliant. When it comes to the renewal process, individuals should start well in advance of their residency expiration date to allow ample time for gathering the necessary documents and submitting the application. 

Consulting CSB Group’s immigration experts and legal professionals can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring a smooth renewal experience. By following these steps and staying informed, individuals can successfully maintain and renew their Malta residency status.

Preparing for a life in Malta

Preparing for a life in Malta involves careful consideration and planning to ensure a smooth transition to this beautiful Mediterranean island. First and foremost, it is essential to familiarise oneself with the necessary paperwork and legal requirements for immigration, such as visas and residency permits. Researching the local job market and real estate options is crucial to secure employment and find suitable accommodation. 

Additionally, learning about the Maltese culture, traditions, and language can help facilitate integration into the local community. As Malta is known for its warm and friendly people, making an effort to engage with the locals and participating in community activities can greatly enhance the overall experience. 

Adapting to the Maltese lifestyle may involve adjusting to the slower pace of life, enjoying the vibrant culinary scene, and embracing the island's rich history and natural beauty. With careful preparation and an open mind, individuals can embark on a fulfilling journey in Malta, creating lasting memories and forming connections within the local community.

How can CSB Group Help You Gain Residency In Malta

CSB Group is a leading corporate service provider with extensive expertise in assisting individuals in gaining residency in Malta. Our specialised services and comprehensive knowledge of the Maltese immigration system makes us a valuable partner for prospective residents. 

makeWe offer personalised guidance throughout the residency application process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. Our dedicated team of immigration specialists is well-versed in the latest regulations and requirements, enabling us to provide accurate and up-to-date advice. From initial consultation to document preparation and submission, CSB Group offers end-to-end support, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to maximize the chances of a successful residency application. 

Additionally, CSB Group provides assistance with relocation services, including accommodation and banking, to help prospective residents settle into their new life in Malta seamlessly. By leveraging expertise and extensive network, CSB Group is dedicated to helping individuals navigate the complexities of the residency process and achieve their goal of living in Malta.


Relocating to another country is a challenging endeavor however, the support of the team at CSB Group, made a significant difference. Their guidance throughout the process instilled a sense of security and confidence, ensuring a successful outcome. Special thanks go to Michela, who displayed professionalism, and promptness, and who treated my case as if it were her own. I will always be grateful!

Family Reunification Client

We have had the good fortune of working with Andres and his team at CSB on a variety of citizenship and residency matters for our clients. CSB has given us thoughtful and thorough advice and been an invaluable partner. Despite being many time zones and thousands of miles away, Andres and his team are incredibly responsive and willing to speak at any hour of the day. We would certainly recommend them to anyone seeking best-in-class legal advice related to global citizenship and residency issues.

An independent investment office

We chose Malta as our new permanent home and CSB Group to help us through the residency process. They went way beyond our expectations treating our application as if it were their own. Their service was nothing short of stellar from understanding our needs preparation of the required documentation, and follow-up phase during a period with the sharpest movement restrictions. Malta deserves a place on every investor’s radar, mostly because of the surprising efficiency permeating the place, efficiency which starts with CSB.

Christian G.


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