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Moving to Malta

Relocate to Malta

CSB Group is a leading relocation services specialist offering an all-round tailor-made service to individuals and companies seeking to set up a company and relocate to Malta. With professionalism and confidentiality at our forefront, our services go beyond tax, corporate structuring, compliance and regulatory matters.

Since our establishment, we have assisted an ever growing portfolio of private clients, families, and corporations with their relocation transition. Finding the right home, settling down on the island, whilst being introduced to a new community are all key factors when identifying your relocation partner.

Malta Immigration Considerations

Whether you are moving to Malta because of a required minimum stay on the islands or because you want to settle here, moving to a new country is an intensive exercise to venture into.

With our extensive network of local and foreign partners and practical experience in relocation services, CSB Group can assist in various aspects giving you peace of mind and saving you time with making the correct and necessary arrangements.

Citizenship and Residency Programmes

CSB Group’s immigration services are targeted to both individuals and businesses. Our professional and quality driven immigration solutions are geared to assist our clients with their move to Malta and make it as smoothly as possible. Whether you wish to benefit from a Maltese Visa, Maltese passport via the Citizenship by Investment Program or European passport or relocate to Malta, we can provide you the right information to identify the right programme.

Real Estate

When acquiring a property in Malta, particularly if coming from overseas, it is highly recommended to make use of the services of a trusted real estate agent who knows the market well and can readily provide a general overview  on the property market besides present the various options that are currently on offer depending on one’s lifestyle.

The wider scenario of a captivating lifestyle and economic benefits to be enjoyed in Malta have enhanced Malta’s profile as a niche location of choice for wealthy individuals. In turn, the luxury real estate market has risen to accommodate the needs and requirements of such lifestyles.

The Maltese luxury property market offers a variety of high quality commercial and residential property types for those looking to set up their business or residence here. Seafront properties, particularly those within luxury lifestyle developments remain one of the most popular choices.

CSB Group, through its franchise Malta Sotheby’s International Realty, is able to assist you with your Real Estate requirement in Malta and Gozo thanks to its professional and experienced team and its vast selection of local property.

Managed Office Space

Managed office space solutions enable you to set up your business premises and be up and running in no time. CSB Group is able to offer a fully-managed and ready-to-use office space through Regus Malta, another brand represented by the Group. Businesses relocating to Malta who go for this option can simply walk in, plug their device and start working instantly.

Banking, business, and trade licensing

Certain conditions need to be satisfied for a business to relocate and operate from Malta. These may include opening a bank account, or registering a business and trade / operating licence. As a leading corporate services provider, CSB Group provides guidance on how to go about such applications and assists with timely submission of all information and documentation.

Tax registration and tax compliance

Moving to a new country can be especially overwhelming when it comes to tax registration and compliance. Leaving this daunting task to professionals who have the expertise and practical experience is highly recommended.

CSB Group takes care of tax registration procedures as may be necessary. In addition, our tax advisors can offer guidance on eligibility for special tax status that certain individuals may qualify for under the various immigration programmes available in Malta.

Employment and Work Permits

Malta has generally always enjoyed high employment rates within its various sectors, as well as attracted foreigners to seek employment here, particularly from within the EU area. EU citizens do not require any work permit to work in Malta.

On the other hand, non-EU/EEA and Swiss nationals would need to obtain an employment licence and would be subject to labour market considerations before being able to work in Malta.

CSB Group provides assistance to both individuals seeking to obtain a work permit and companies which decide to relocate to Malta and maximise on their investment/move within legitimate and transparent business structures.


Through VacancyCentre, a specialist provider of recruitment services, CSB Group is able to provide complete recruitment solutions to efficiently and effectively assist companies seeking to find the best-suited candidate or assist individuals wishing to find a rewarding career in Malta.

Schooling, Insurance, and Healthcare

Having the peace of mind that your children settle in the best school possible in a different country can involve a lot of ground work. CSB Group possesses the local knowledge on the multitude of schools in Malta that vary from international to specialist schools. Our professionals can provide you with all the information and help you with making the necessary arrangements to enroll your child in the ideal school.

The standard and availability of healthcare services is another important aspect that needs to be factored in when moving to another country. Malta boasts a high standard of healthcare services provided by both private and public hospitals. While the public healthcare, supported by the local tax payer, is provided for free to both residents and members of the EU, foreign nationals need to have a private health insurance in place.

Concierge Services

CSB Group’s experience in relocation services makes us aware that even the smallest detail is of utmost importance to making a transition to another country a smooth one. Our ‘Can Do’ attitude and our “Human Touch” approach enable us to offer concierge services in an efficient, personalised and cost effective way. These include relocation of furniture, assistance with Pet Travel Schemes, chauffeur services, babysitting and even general home maintenance.

Hotel Reservations and More

We understand that making your relocation move and decisions can be challenging and intensive. During your decision-making process, we want you to be as comfortable and at ease as much as possible. Our team can assist with reserving accommodation on your behalf at the best quality hotels on the island, located in the most exclusive tourist resorts.

CSB Group can also support your requirements whilst ensuring your individual lifestyle needs are met to make your living experience in Malta a superb one. We can also assist with organising guided tours to Malta’s most remarkable local attractions, dinner reservations at establishments serving the most exquisite Mediterranean food and Yacht Charters on our surrounding crystal blue sea!

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