Our History

From humble beginnings

to pioneering success

CSB Group was founded in 1987 by its now chairman, Mr Tony Zammit. Since then CSB Group has offered a plethora of services, including Corporate & Trust, Accounting & Tax, and Immigration & Relocation. The Group’s areas of specialisation include the iGaming industry, Financial & Payment Services, Yacht Registration, and General Trading & Holding structures.

Today, CSB Group is led by Group CEO, Michael J. Zammit who got involved in the business at a very young age and since then has maintained his drive to push the business to new heights.

Having grown to a 100+ team, the business’s success has been built on trust, pride, professionalism, competence, passion and a commitment to offering an optimum service.

CSB Group, is a family-owned and run business, with plans and ambitions of further growth, where it will keep looking at the future but not forget its past!

Our Anniversaries

Our 30th and 35th Anniversaries were celebrated with esteemed clients, members of staff, family and close friends, marking significant milestones in our journey of growth and success. These joyous occasions celebrated our achievements and our dedication to providing exceptional service and expertise for many years to come.

Our CEO'S Motivational Statement


With the right aptitude, sacrifice, patience, determination and perseverance – the Impossible can become Possible, and this, as long as you believe in and enjoy what you do!!