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Maltese Trusts offer an attractive solution for family wealth planning and asset ring-fencing, while Fiduciary and Escrow arrangements concluded with a trusted and licensed professional, allow for an asset to be temporarily held by a trusted third Party, in name only, for any purpose.

Trust, Escrow and Fiduciary services in Malta

Unlike in some jurisdictions, ‘Trusts’ and ‘Escrow’ accounts in Malta are completely different legal relationships.

In Malta, if a Trust is set-up, legal ownership of the asset settled on Trust with the Trustee is vested in the Trustee, to hold the asset for the benefit of the Beneficiaries of the Trust.

On the other hand, in an Escrow arrangement, the asset held by the Escrow Agent, is only temporarily held by the Agent pending a trigger event which will result in an action, such as transferring the asset to a third party, as outlined and agreed on an Escrow Agreement. The ownership of the asset does not vest in the Escrow Agent.

Similarly, in a Fiduciary arrangement, the Person holding the asset (the Mandatary), in its name, is not the legal owner of the asset, but is holding the asset on behalf of a third-party owner (the Mandator), on a Fiduciary basis, and will have to receive instructions from the Mandator before transferring or charging the asset.

An MFSA authorised Company

CSB Group includes CSB Trustees & Fiduciaries Ltd - C 40390, authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) to act as a Trustee Company and Administrator of Private Foundations.

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We at MIDI plc have engaged the services of CSB Group on a trusteeship basis to serve a fundamental role in our secured bond issue. Their team has always been accommodating, well-prepared and have always ensured that our requirements are met in a most timely and efficient fashion. Their services have indeed exceeded our expectations. CSB Group were identified due to their knowledge and expertise in fiduciary obligations, amongst other qualities.


We have appointed CSB Trustees & Fiduciaries Limited to be the Security Trustee for a bond issued by our company; Stivala Group Finance p.l.c. The team that we worked closely with, was efficient, reliable, and knowledgeable and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the service provided. The team always made itself available even when provided with a short notice. We are glad we have engaged their services and we would definitely recommend them.

Stivala Group Finance p.l.c.

Tum Finance plc engaged CSB Trustees & Fiduciaries Limited to be the Security Trustee for a bond we recently issued. We have closely worked with a team of professionals and are pleased to give our testimonial in this regard. For sure we will request their services in the future. We definitely recommend CSB Trustees & Fiduciaries Limited to be the team that will be always there when you need them for the best advice and satisfaction. You made it so simple Thank you!

Tum Finance plc

We have been using the services of CSB Group in their remit as security trustees for our recent bond issue. We have found CSB to be highly efficient and effective in their work. We will not hesitate to use their services in the future and would recommend them to any of our clients and partners seeking similar services.

Mercury Towers

Back in 2015 CSB Trustees & Fiduciaries Limited has been entrusted with the project to set up a security trust for us. Their knowledge and experience within the sector made this project easier for us all. The team is meticulous, attentive and always available whenever assistance is required from our end. We would definitely recommend them for their stellar service.

Mr. Borg


Malta Properties Company Plc


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