Malta Ordinary Residence

Malta Ordinary Residence

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Malta offers different options for those individuals seeking to relocate to Malta or companies that want to relocate their operations or extend their arms further into a welcoming jurisdiction.

Malta Ordinary Residence 

For EU, EEA, Swiss Citizens 

European Union Nationals in Malta

An EU citizen is entitled to look for a job in another EU country, work there without needing a work permit. An EU national that relocates to another EU country would enjoy equal treatment with naationals in access to employment, working conditions and all other social and tax advantages. 

Ordinary Residence in Malta is taking into account several factor which essentially link the individual to the country. Some of the factors considered are the duration of the individual’s presence in the country, the frequency, regularity and nature of visits of the country, as well as business and family ties. 

Eligibility for Ordinary Residence 

Ordinary Residence is achieved through the application of an e-Residence card and the application of an Income Tax Number together with genuine links with the Republic of Malta. 

There are different grounds on which EU/EEA/Swiss nationals may become ordinarily resident in Malta, which include economic self-sufficiency and employment. In both scenarios, there are certain requirements that one needs to abide with as well as supporting documentation that would need to be produced to the Department upon the submission of the application. 

There are also the possibilities for one to obtain a residence card based on self-employment or else as a student which are less common than the ones mentioned. 

Property Requirement

In both scenarios, whether one submits an Ordinary Residence application based on self-sufficiency or employment, the individual is required to either purchase or rent immovable property prior to submitting the application. Should one opt for renting a property, the rental period of the agreement should not be less than 6 months. It is worth noting that there is no minimum property value requirement.

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With over 30 years of experience in the corporate and financial services industry in Malta, CSB Group is commited to provide top-notch services to Private Clients worldwide. CSB Group, has been providing Investment immigration services to High-Net-Worth families since the inception of these programmes.

We can assist you with your eResidence card application, filling of taxes and assisting you with the Real Estate side thanks to the Malta Sotheby’s International Realty brand, which falls under CSB Group umbrella. 

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