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Human Resources Solutions

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A fundamental aspect of our Employment Advisory Services is the tailored provision of HR solutions to any type of business – be that a small budding enterprise or a multi-national organisation.

Our HR Solutions

Some of our clients prefer to outsource part of their HR function because it provides them peace of mind in addition to cost-effectiveness, flexibility and efficiency. Others prefer to tap into the expertise within CSB group as a partner to their already established set-up, bringing our team on board for specific projects or situations.

The below list provides examples of some of the HR solutions offered, however our team is always ready to listen to your specific situation and provide assistance accordingly.

    • Outsourcing of the HR function
    • Setting up of the HR function within an organisation
    • Mentoring of HR personnel
    • Performance management
    • 360-degree appraisals
    • Drafting of contracts and other HR documentation
    • Templates of essential policies and procedures
    • Tailored employee handbook
    • Coaching of business leaders
    • Compensation planning
    • Talent evaluation & development
    • Succession planning
    • Planning, communicating and implementing change
    • Consultancy on disciplinary action
    • Assistance with planning and executing redundancies
    • Employee surveys

Outsourcing of the HR function

The Human Resources function is one of the strategic and operational pillars within an organisation. It requires a set-up which can address the regulatory employment obligations, the experience to consult top management on people-related decisions, the influential strength to foster or channel the Company’s culture and all this while also having ears and hands to the ground to handle or escalate day to day matters.

The Lack of an HR function can be costly

Whilst larger companies can employ a number of professionals each having a different specialisation, not every organisation can justify the investment in having such a specialised team. Some small enterprises often do without an appointed HR professional entirely, which often results in other roles within the organisation becoming increasingly burdened with matters that they may not have the energy or expertise to handle.

Managing directors may end up spending a significant portion of the week fire-fighting due to poor employee performance or staff turnover. In a similar vein, finance managers often find themselves answering payroll related queries instead of focusing on the financial projections of the next quarter. All this is costly not only in terms of the lost opportunity to focus on the revenue generating areas of the business but also due to the costs inherent in issues such as poor organisational structure or a lack of performance management processes.

The Benefits of outsourcing the HR function

When an HR professional is brought on board, they will analyse where the core pain points are and immediately propose short to long term solutions. Having years of HR experience behind them, these professionals familiarise themselves quickly with the organisation and offer a fresh perspective to where change may be necessary and whether surface level issues are being caused by underlying matters. Aside from consulting top management, the needs of the organisation are at times purely practical.

Organisations sometimes need an HR professional who can plug and play while the team goes through a phase of restructuring or due to long term leave. Internal HR teams also go through phases whereby they need added muscle to go through a critical phase of the business. In such instances outsourcing would be a smart move since the organisation can immediately reap the benefit of the added assistance without the long-term commitment of recruiting a full-time member of staff.

Another benefit is that a service provider like CSB group, boasts a multi-disciplinary Employment Advisory team, having specialisations in Law, Psychology, HR, Accountancy and Management. Therefore, any issue encountered can be resolved through the right level of expertise.

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