Citizenship & Residence Planning

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CSB Group, established in 1987, is widely known for delivering discreet and confidential Citizenship and Residence advice to Private Clients, High-Net- Worth (HNW) individuals and their families in their search for global mobility.

Citizenship & Residence Planning

The search for a safe haven, access to jurisdictions with financial and political stability whilst achieving security and flexibility and tax efficiency is increasingly common within Private Clients’ needs.

Securing multiple citizenships and residences or a combination of both assists with your long-term success, tax planning, and acts as your personal and business policy insurance for the moments when those are needed the most.

Our unique set-up and experience in the Investment Immigration field allow us to advise our clients on the best solutions for their needs from an immigration, tax and business standpoints. This, combined with strong working relationships with partners worldwide, allows us to guide you throughout the whole process smoothly.

CSB Group has a highly experienced team within the Investment Immigration, Legal and International Tax Planning sectors that provide outstanding solutions for your personal and professional needs.

Having a European base

There are many reasons why you and your family would choose to have a European Base or have an alternative residence or a second – or even third- passport.

Gaining security and having a safe haven where to go in case of civil unrest, having freedom and flexibility of travel and expanding your business or giving your children and family a better future and education are some of the reasons why clients choose to apply for an Investment Immigration Programme.

Some jurisdictions have designed Programmes to attract direct foreign investment into their economies by granting citizenship or residence to individuals and families who make an investment in these countries, after going through a stringent due diligence procedure.

The immigration services offered by CSB Group are targeted to both individuals and businesses. Our professional and quality-driven immigration solutions are geared to assist our clients with their Citizenship and Residence by Investment applications and their move to Malta to make them as smooth as possible.

CSB Group – Your companion on the pathway to freedom and financial security through a smart investment.

Nowadays, there is the possibility to get European Citizenship by Investment in some countries located in the EU. This will give you the possibility to obtain a passport from a country within the European Union for you and your family. Should you be interested in gaining a second – or even third – nationality, CSB Group offers tailor-made solutions to Private Clients and their families

The Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programmes are a very affordable option for individuals and families looking for flexibility, security and a safe harbour, as well as accessibility and a high-quality lifestyle.

Residence by Investment Programmes, or the so-called Golden Visa programmes, allow Individuals and their families to be granted a residence in a European country through investment.

Have you been employed in a managerial or appointed Director or CEO for a Maltese company? Are you looking to go further ahead and have a tax planning strategy? CSB Group can advise and process applications for the various tax residency programmes available in Malta, assessing your situation from both an immigration and tax perspective.