Portugal Golden Visa Programme

  Portugal Golden Visa Programme

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The Portugal Golden Visa Programme is aimed at individuals and families seeking to reside, settle and stay in Portugal and therefore gain Portuguese residency. The success of the programme comes as no surprise when considering the rich and diverse culture Portugal boasts with, the stability it provides for the raising of families and the warm Mediterranean climate that embraces it.

Portugal Golden Visa Programme – Applying for Portuguese Residency

Financial Diversification and a Residence Permit within the EU

The Portugal Golden Visa Programme is aimed at individuals and families seeking to reside, settle and stay in Portugal, and getting Portuguese residency. The success of the programme comes as no surprise when considering the rich and diverse culture Portugal boasts with, the stability it provides for the raising of families and the warm Mediterranean climate that embraces it.

Portugal is a country with full membership to the EU and offering a high standard of living in Continental Europe, as well as healthcare, security, stability and a healthy real estate market.

Being one of the first countries to launch a Residence by Investment programme whose actual name has served to coin the term “Golden Visa” that now is so commonly used to refer to those programmes that offer residence against an investment in the country.

How to gain Residence by Investment in Portugal?

The Portugal Golden Visa programme requires one of the following types of investment:

  • Property investment: Property purchase of a minimum of €500,000 or a minimum of €350,000 in Real Estate that is located in an urban regeneration area or that is more than 30 years old.
  • Investment In Private Equity funds: A minimum of €350,000 in special designated Private Equity Funds.
  • Capital Transfer: For the minimum amounts of
    • €250,000 in artistic output or national heritage.
    • €350,000 investment towards research activities.
    • €350,000 for the purchase of shares in investment funds or in venture capital.
    • €1M into a Portuguese bank account or specifically approved investment option.
  • Job Creation: Applicants that want to apply for the Portugal Golden Visa under this option will have to create a minimum of 10 jobs within the country.

Our team of advisors will be happy to assist you and to provide you with a capital outlay for the Portugal Golden Visa Programme so that you can have the full associated cost needed to apply for Portuguese residency.

Our team will guide you through the process of applying for Portuguese residency through the Portugal Golden Visa programme and the Consultants from Sotheby’s International Realty will be able to help you find the right property for your investment needs whilst also fulfiling the investment criteria for the Programme.

Portugal Golden Visa Programme: The Benefits

Investors find Portugal enticing not only due to its warm temperatures but also as it enables them to easily conduct business, comes with visa-free travel throughout the European Schengen area and gives them the possibility to live and work in Portugal for an indefinite period of time – this also offers the inclusion of their family members too.

Also, investors who gain the Portugal Golden Visa will be able to gain Portuguese Residency and Citizenship after five years of holding this temporary residency, provided that additional qualifying criteria are met.

With its unique advantages and a relatively low investment amount, Portuguese Residency through the Golden Visa Residence Programme has turned out to be the perfect gateway or second home in Europe for families searching to relocate into Continental Europe.

Portugal Golden Visa Eligibility

The Portugal Golden Visa programme requires applicants for Portuguese residency to fulfil the following requirements:

  • The investment must originate from outside Portugal
  • Have no criminal record.
  • Enter Portugal for the first time on a valid Schengen visa.
  • Meet or exceed the minimum stay requirement, which is of seven days for the first year and 14 days for subsequent two-year periods

How can CSB Group help you apply for Portuguese residency?

CSB Group provides top-notch services to families worldwide. Having more than 30 years in the Service Industry, CSB Group has been guiding worldwide Private Clients and High Net Worth families with their Investment Immigration needs and strategies from the inception of such immigration programmes.

The Portugal Golden Visa Programme has a processing timeframe which ranges between approximately 4-6 months from the submission of the application to the issuing of the eResidence cards. The CSB Group Advisory Team will assist you and your family in every step of the journey to gain residence in Portugal through the Portugal Golden Visa Programme.

Also, the Associates from Sotheby’s International Realty will assist you in finding the best and most suitable properties that are suitable for both your family needs and your investment desires. Sotheby’s International Realty can give you access to the finest and most luxurious properties on the island, guiding you through the process of buying a property that fulfils the real estate investment criteria required to get a Portugal Golden Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Portuguese Golden Visa

Does a Portugal golden visa lead to citizenship?

Yes. Applicants that hold a Golden Visa permit can apply for permanent residence and citizenship in Portugal after consecutive 5 years.

What are the costs involved in obtaining the Portugal Golden Visa?

Applicants will need to make an investment of minimum €350,000 in real estate or private equity funds.

From 2021 onwards, investments in Porto, Lisbon and the Algarve won’t qualify for the purposes of the Golden Visa programme.

What is the Portugal golden visa processing time?

Normally an application for the Portuguese Golden Visa programme takes approximately 4-6 months.

Can American citizens apply for the Portugal golden visa?

Yes. American citizens can apply for the Golden Visa permit and the Private Equity fund option is being successful amongst them.

Can I live in another country?

With a Portuguese Golden Visa, you will be able to reside in Portugal but not in any other country of the EU. However, you will have visa-free access within the Schengen area.

Is my family eligible for the golden visa programme?

Yes. Applicants that can be included in any application are the spouse, children and parent dependants over 65 years old.

How can I get permanent residency in Portugal?

After 5 consecutive years, applicants can apply for Long Term residence and Portuguese citizenship.

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Fact File

Full Country Name:
Portuguese Republic

Capital City:

10,254,000 (As of 2019)

euro (€)

Member of the EU:
Since 1986

Total Area SQM in KM:

Official Languages:

Atlantic & Mediterranean Climate - warm in summer and wet in winter

Life Expectancy:
Male: 77.7 years - Female: 83.4 years (As of 2017)

Interesting Fact:
Portugal is the oldest country in Europe


"I have been working with CSB for over 12 years and the words that come to my mind are trust and responsibility. CSB is an integrated part of my companies – it’s simple and safe and lets me focus on the bigger picture."

Andreas L. Borgmann

Reddo Holding Ltd

We have had the good fortune of working with Andres and his team at CSB on a variety of citizenship and residency matters for our clients. CSB has given us thoughtful and thorough advice and been an invaluable partner. Despite being many time zones and thousands of miles away, Andres and his team are incredibly responsive and willing to speak at any hour of the day. We would certainly recommend them to anyone seeking best-in-class legal advice related to global citizenship and residency issues.

An independent investment office

CSB Group have been loyal partners to our development-stage medical technology company. CSB provides local oversight to our Malta subsidiary that is thorough and compliant. As a result, we have the confidence that a successful development project should yield maximum value for our shareholders.

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Thank you for making everything run perfectly smooth for us. Your team looks after us as if we were their parents and they are everything one can wish for; accurate, fast and with a vast knowledge. We are very fond of CSB Group and we are more than content.

Retired Swiss Entrepreneur

We chose Malta as our new permanent home and CSB Group to help us through the residency process. They went way beyond our expectations treating our application as if it were their own. Their service was nothing short of stellar from understanding our needs preparation of the required documentation, and follow-up phase during a period with the sharpest movement restrictions. Malta deserves a place on every investor’s radar, mostly because of the surprising efficiency permeating the place, efficiency which starts with CSB.

Christian G.


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