Spain Golden Visa Programme

Spain Golden Visa Programme

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The Spain Golden Visa Programme is aimed at non-EU individuals and families seeking to make an investment in the country and gain residence in Spain. Regulated by the so-called Entrepreneurs Law, the Spain Golden Visa programme is the programme of choice for those seeking lifestyle and accessibility.

Spain Golden Visa Programme 

Diverse Real Estate options to obtain an EU Golden Visa.

Officially known as the Kingdom of Spain, this country is widely known for being a tourist destination and for its cultural diversity and laidback lifestyle. Despite being a successful programme over the past few years, not many know that this country offers the Golden Visa Programme, which comes with a diversity of benefits.

How can you gain Residence by Investment in Spain?


The Spain Golden Visa Programme is available individuals and their dependants who want to make an investment in the country that can take different forms:

  • Purchasing a property worth a minimum of €500,000
  • Have an investment in the form of shares in a Spanish company or bank deposit for a minimum of €1M
  • Having bought a minimum of €2M in Spanish Government Debt, or
  • Investing in a business project to be developed on Spanish soil with certain qualifying criteria

Our team of advisors will be happy to assist you and to provide you with a capital outlay for the Spanish Golden Visa Programme that way you can have the full cost associated with the application for residence in Spain.

Our team will guide you through the process of becoming a Spanish Resident through the Spain Golden Visa Programme whilst the consultants from Sotheby’s International Realty will be able to find you the right property for your family and investment needs whilst ensuring this property fulfils the investment criteria required by the Spain Golden Visa Programme.

Spain Golden Visa Programme: The Benefits


Acquiring residence through the Spain Golden Visa Programme comes with great benefits:

  • Work and live legally in Spain, and have Visa Free access to the Schengen area
  • Residence permit initially valid for 2 years, without the need to live in the country 
  • Applying for your entire family and gaining access to top education 

The Spanish Golden Visa programme delivers a vast array of benefits for those individuals or families interested to have a European base with the flexibility of travelling within the Schengen area. 

How can CSB Group help you acquire a Spanish Golden Visa?


CSB Group provides top-notch services to families worldwide. Having more than 30 years in the Service Industry, CSB Group has been guiding worldwide Private Clients and High Net Worth families with their Investment Immigration needs and strategies from the inception of such immigration programmes.

A Streamlined Process

The Spanish Golden Visa Programme has a processing timeframe which ranges between approximately 3-6 months from the submission of the application to the issuing of the eResidence cards. CSB Group Advisory Team will assist you and your family in every step of the journey to your Spain Golden Visa status.

Also, the Associates from Sotheby’s International Realty will assist you in finding the best and most suitable properties that are suitable for both your family needs and your investment desires. Sotheby’s International Realty can give you access to the finest and most luxurious properties on the island, guiding you through the process of buying a property that fulfils the real estate investment criteria required to get a Spanish Golden Visa.

Need our assistance with the Spain Golden Visa Programme?

Key Contacts

Andres Gutierrez

Investment Immigration Consultant



Fact File

Full Country Name:
Kingdom of Spain 

Capital City:

46,918,000(As of 2019)

Euro (€)

Member of the EU:
Since 1986

Total Area SQM in KM:

Official Languages:

Mediterranean & Continental Climate - hot summers and rainy winters

Life Expectancy:
Male: 80.3 years - Female: 85.8 years (As of 2016)

Interesting Fact:
The first "modern" novel, "Don Quixote" was written by the Spaniard, Miguel de Cervantes in 1605


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