Spain Golden Visa Programme

Spain Golden Visa Programme

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The Spain Golden Visa Programme is aimed at non-EU individuals and families seeking to make an investment in the country, apply and gain residence in Spain. Regulated by the so-called Entrepreneurs Law, the Spain Golden Visa programme is the programme of choice for those seeking lifestyle and accessibility.

Spain Golden Visa Programme 

Diverse Real Estate options to obtain an EU Golden Visa.

Officially known as the Kingdom of Spain, this country is widely known for being a tourist destination and for its cultural diversity and laidback lifestyle. Despite being a successful programme over the past few years, not many know that this country offers the Golden Visa Programme, which comes with a diversity of benefits – namely Spanish Residence.

Spain Golden Visa Programme: The Benefits

Acquiring Spanish Residence through the Spain Golden Visa Programme comes with a vast array of benefits:

  • Work and live legally in Spain, and have Visa-Free access to the Schengen area
  • Residence permit initially valid for 2 years, without the need to live in the country
  • Applying for your entire family and gaining access to top education

The Spanish Golden Visa programme offers advantages aplenty for those individuals or families interested in having a European base with the flexibility of travelling within the Schengen area.

Moreover, Spain is a very sought-after country of residence due to its temperate weather, warm locals, delicious food, and stunning natural beauty.

Spain is the most climatically diverse country in Europe, presenting 5 main climactic zones but the most prominent feature shared by the majority of them remains the temperate climate with dry, warm summers. These are best experienced on the Eastern and Southern shores overlooking the Mediterranean with turquoise waters starkly contrasting the luscious flora found on the rocky seashore.

The Iberian Peninsula also offers amazing treks in the mountainous regions further central to the country with Sierra Nevada taking the crown.

How can you apply for the Golden Visa in Spain?

The Spain Golden Visa Programme is available to individuals and their dependants who want to make an investment in the country to gain Spanish Residency that can take different forms:

  • Making a property investment worth a minimum of €500,000
  • Have an investment in the form of shares in a Spanish company or bank deposit for a minimum of €1M
  • Having bought a minimum of €2M in Spanish Government Debt, or
  • Investing in a business project to be developed on Spanish soil with specific qualifying criteria. This will need to generate employment, contribute to technological and/or scientific innovation, or have a strong socio-economic impact.

The most well-known way of applying for a Spanish Golden Visa is to make a property investment of a minimum value of €500,000. The Spanish property market is vast and offers a vast array of property investment options for applicants interested in applying for a permanent Spanish residence.

Our advisors will assist and provide you with a capital outlay for the Spanish Golden Visa Programme to apply for Spanish residence. That way you can have the full cost associated with the application for residence in Spain.

Our team will guide you through the process of becoming a Spanish Resident through the Spain Golden Visa Programme. Also, the consultants from Sotheby’s International Realty will be able to find the right property for you and your family and investment needs whilst ensuring it fulfils the investment criteria required by the Spain Golden Visa Programme.

The warm locals are sure to welcome you with open arms and introduce you to their mouth-watering delicacies and relaxed lifestyle. 

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