Promoting the Malta Aircraft Register


CSB Group together with Zammit & Associates, Advocates sponsored the Aeropodium Mediterranean Business Aviation Summit on September 14. This year’s summit took place in Malta with the participation of 120 international delegates and the support of the MBA. With the aim to promote the Malta Aircraft Register, both entities saw the great opportunity in attending as well as sponsoring the event that aims to promote the Maltese jurisdiction in this regard.

Developments in the Mediterranean

The MBA Summit was a unique opportunity to debate the future of business aviation, learn about the latest developments in the Mediterranean, explore the regional market, discuss different business models, and network with leading experts. The summit also provided the platform for manufacturers and operators as well as any organisation interested in the Mediterranean market, to explore all aspects affecting the future of this industry. This was a unique opportunity to debate the future of business aviation, learn about the latest developments in light jets, explore the regional air taxi market, discuss different business models, learn about the regional infrastructure development, and network with leading experts in the region.

Panagiotis Panagopoulos, CEO and Founder of Aeropodium commented that “Malta was the ideal venue for the MBA Summit because of its strategic location in the Mediterranean as well as the involvement of Maltese companies in the growth of business aviation in the region. This event will continue to promote the business aviation industry in the Mediterranean and it will become one of the most important networking summits in the calendar of aviation professionals.”

Maltese income tax and VAT considerations

Expert speakers contributed with their knowledge and experience and among other topics speakers spoke about eligibility of applicants under Maltese aviation laws, AOC eligibility, Maltese income tax and VAT considerations for aircraft ownership and leasing scenarios, as well as a comprehensive analysis of new and used aircraft trends and developments in the Mediterranean business aviation market.

Delegates were also presented with a market overview and the role of Airbus Corporate Jets in the VVIP charter market, as well as with an overview of legislation and the needs of lessors, regulators, and operators. The MBA Summit was organised by Aeropodium and it will take place again in 2013.

CSB Group CEO Michael J Zammit and Managing Partner – Zammit & Associates Advocates Andrew J. Zammit said that the event also happens to coincide with the recent news about the Maltese register attracting 35 additional aircraft since the new legal and regulatory framework was launched in January 2011 – which brings the total to 111. As reported in the local media, it is interesting to note that the Ministry is also seeing larger business jet companies showing great interest. This is also true of CSB Group who, apart from a growing interest in the Yachting industry is also noting increased interest in Aviation service in Malta. CSB Group is in fact in ongoing discussions with international aviation entities with the aim of further promoting Malta.

VAT Aircraft Leasing Simplification Measure

Also in line with the aviation theme, the Maltese government is planning to introduce the VAT Aircraft Leasing Simplification Measure, concerning privately operated aircrafts shortly. Further information will be published on our website once this has been launched.