EU Approves Funding for Mediterranean Cooperation


The European Commission has approved the Interreg Med Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 with a budget set at €275 million. This initiative will enable 10 Mediterranean regions amongst the EU member states to collaborate together alongside another 3 candidate countries on various projects addressing the territories’ similar priorities.

Parliamentary Secretary for EU Presidency 2017 and EU Funds, Ian Borg, confirmed this during an informative session organised by the government’s Fund and Programming division. The countries involved in this programme are Malta, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus and UK-Gibraltar. The 3 additional candidate countries are Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania.

The Mediterranean landscape is highly diverse, ranging from heavily urbanised and crowded centres to agricultural and rural settings. Nonetheless, Mediterranean countries face the same or similar economic and social challenges. Parliamentary Secretary Ian Borg pointed out the key project areas on which the funds will be used:

  • Collaboration between SMEs, public authorities and research bodies in order to design innovative ways of achieving smart and sustainable growth,
  • Investment in a low-carbon economy, low-carbon mobility and renewable energy production,
  • Protection of Mediterranean biodiversity and the natural and cultural resources and heritage of the Mediterranean through careful analysis and planning,
  • Enhancement of Mediterranean governance in decision-making processes through cooperation and involvement of partners on the regional, national and international level.

During the session, it was announced that the first call for proposals from interested parties will be launched during the coming months. Public bodies and equivalent entities as well as private bodies will be eligible to respond to this call.