Organisations Call for Open Approach at e-G8


The 37th G8 summit saw top movers and shakers, as well as leaders of the internet forum meeting heads of state in France, in what Sarkozy described as the launch of an ongoing dialogue between heads of state and internet leaders and experts. Spearheaded by Mr Sarkozy, the intent of this was to analyse the internet’s role in transforming politics, the economy and social services, and looking at whether this should be regulated.

The largest names on the internet have come together this week for the first ever e-G-8 forum in Paris. Led by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the forum saw more than 1500 internet and information technologies leaders and experts registered to take part in a debate on the future of the internet. Among delegates attending one found head of Google, E-Bay and social media site Facebook.

As French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde noted, the World Wide Web was not only boosting developed economies, but also boosted developing ones, by helping transfer remittances.

The crux of the meeting was the multi-stakeholder approach to internet issues and answer the question that might currently be asking themselves – How could global businesses and governments work together to generate greater economic growth?

For the first time, a worldwide coalition if internet organisations are coming together, welcoming the opportunity to input to discussions on all internet-related issues. These are key to policy making as they are at the heart of development and management of the global internet. This coalition of internet organisations and communities are offering their advice to G8 members saying that a multi-stakeholder approach was the way to ensure continued economic growth.

Web standards continue to ensure innovation and economic opportunities for businesses and consumers said Dr. Jeff Jaffe, W3C CEO. It would appear that the general idea is the promotion of the multi-stakeholder model that could be summarised by inclusion of those from every corner of the globe.

This was the time to hear the voice of all – from global governments to private sector interests to individual internet users. This was further amplified by the words of Rod Beckstrom, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) – who said “Nothing validates the multi-stakeholder model more than the ongoing successful global expansion and vital importance of the internet.” Among other organisations providing valuable expertise is the OECD’s Internet Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC).

Other organisations include the Number Resource Organization, the Internet Society, the Internet Society France Chapter, ICANN, and the World Wide Web, the Number Resource Organization (NRO) as well as Internet Society, the world’s trusted independent source of leadership for Internet policy who continued to strongly encourage G8 governments to include input from all stakeholders. Such organisations are expressing their hope that future G8 meetings on the internet will be prepared in the spirit of the WSIS Tunis Agenda – through an open and inclusive process, and with the participation of all stakeholders. This engagement from the broad ranging multi-stakeholders and experts will lead to an improvement of approaches and discussions to all internet issues.

This might prove to be the first step towards the global Internet’s continued development and for innovation and economic progress in the developed and developing world.

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