Malta – A Strong Economy, Budget 2016


The Finance Ministry is currently undergoing the final stages of preparation in presenting the budget for the year 2016. In a video clip that explains the budget, prepared by the Ministry, Finance Minister Professor Edward Scicluna introduced the theme of ‘Malta – a strong economy’ for the 2016 budget.

Malta – strongest economic growth

This particular theme was chosen because economic indicators are pointing towards a consistent growth for Malta’s economy. This year, Malta experienced one of the strongest economic growth rates across the European Union and the euro zone and was also the fastest growing economy across these regions. In addition, international rating agencies such as Standard & Poor’s and DBRS classified and reaffirmed Malta’s economic situation as stable for the long term.

Economic growth has risen beyond 5%, unemployment rates are very low, while employment is growing. Minister Scicluna stated that the government is aiming for a fair distribution of wealth among the whole population, both on the social and geographical level and to continue building on past success by introducing more successful measures.