World Economic Forum Places Malta in Top 20 Financial Services Jurisdictions


The Global Competiveness Report 2013-2014, prepared by the World Economic Forum, has placed Malta 41st out of 148 countries meaning that the jurisdiction has climbed six places in its Competitiveness levels. According to the said Report, Malta has also retained its status as an ‘innovation-driven economy’.

The Report is released at a time when the world economy is undergoing significant shifts and continues to be the most comprehensive assessment of its kind, featuring a record number of 148 economies and containing a detailed profile for each of the said economies included in the study and providing investors with a wide-range of data supporting their business decisions.

The financial services sector in Malta

Moreover, with respect to the financial services sector, the World Economic Forum 2013-14 Report ranked Malta amongst the top 20 world nations, out of 148, with regards to issues related to soundness of its banking institutions (14th), the regulation of Securities Exchanges (17th) and the strength and reporting standards (13th), thereby confirming Malta’s position as a leading financial jurisdiction.

The Report also cited significant progress in Health and Primary Education (up to 15th from 19th last year) and the quality of education, which now ranks 8th best in the world, in enhancing the attractiveness of Malta as an investment location.