An Alternative European Financial Services Jurisdiction – Malta


2019 is a year of many uncertainties in terms of UK & European politics. With no perceived outcome to the ever-broiling Brexit saga, this is certainly a disrupting factor which is now being placed on the radar of many financial services industry players.

Whilst many may be still holding onto a silver lining that Brexit may still allow UK firms to passport their services across the EU, many are also taking a more cautious approach and identifying a location to base their European operations.

The choice for many may be straight forward, with Ireland & Luxembourg the preferred destinations, however one should not discard Malta since a number of central considerations do Malta justice and give it credit to be a reliable base for such entities.

From a legal & regulatory perspective, Malta is an adapter of EU laws. Its heritage allows to make use of the best of both Anglo-Saxon & Continental law principles, thus allowing the necessary flexibilities when it comes to structure and form. Malta infact can be a partner of UK firms who are looking to have more peace of mind about their EU oriented business operations.

Why a Partner you may ask? Many entities seeking to operate outside the UK due to the yet to be determined Brexit scenario can either close shop and move to another EU jurisdiction or else duplicate their operations and have a separate entity completely. Such a solution costs time, money and much more, the goodwill of the company as well as its track record. Malta on the other hand allows both the inward and outward domiciliation of an entity, regulated or not, which will allow a UK company to migrate to Malta and retain its international stature, contracts, agreements and records. Once the outcome of Brexit and its aftershocks have settled, should such an entity once more be able to operate from the UK, then it can transition backwards to the British Isles.

In this manner Malta would be facilitating pre & post Brexit effects, assisting companies to continue business as usual and maintain client relationships across the European continent. Moreover, Malta is offering a generous post-Brexit status for expats working on the island.

If you would like to learn more on how Malta can be that island of co-operation in the middle of the Mediterranean yet participant in the European family for your asset management, investment funds, MiFID, Insurance and other areas of financial services or other business, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts on +356 2557 2557 or email [email protected]