Malta Has Demonstrated Extraordinary Resilience


Maltese Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said that Malta has a lot to offer to financial operators seeking to make headway “in a world that is struggling to come out of crisis.”

“Malta is a country that has demonstrated extraordinary resilience throughout – That it has managed to do so is mainly due to its diversified, services-oriented economy which is underpinned by a reliable and transparent regulatory environment and a competitive and skilled labour force,’’ Professor Scicluna said during a conference hosted by the Malta Stock Exchange entitled ‘Sustaining Economic Growth through new Financial Centres and Boutique Exchanges.

Professor Scicluna said that the country plays host to 50 credit and financial institutions, over 600 investment funds and around 200 investment managers and other investment service providers also operate in Malta. He also announced that the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has also recently reviewed its listing rules to allow the admission of alternative company listings with the objective of bringing smaller companies to the attention of wholesale investors.

He added that “this market caters for companies with initial paid up share capital which may be as low as 50,000, including companies with a young track record, provided the regulator is satisfied that investors have the necessary details to arrive at an informed decision.”