LGA Consultation on Digital Games of Skill with Prize


As reported by the Times of Malta, The Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) has asked for feedback on digital games of skill with prizes via distance communication, which are offered commercially. The LGA has in fact issued a consultation document asking for the industry’s view of a regulated market for this sector, noting that there were concerns about the current lack of specific regulation.

The LGA said that “although other legislation, mainly consumer legislation, addresses certain facets of the offering of these games, the authority feels that specific regulation or guidelines may be required”.  The authority currently regulates games of chance with prize, and games of chance and skill with prize. Games that do not provide the possibility for the participants to win a prize are not regulated by the LGA.

LGA’s executive chairman, Joseph Cuschieri said that “the notion that a participant in a game can be lured by the possibility of monetary gain underpins the LGA’s interest in this sector from a regulatory point of view”.

“We feel there is a concern due to the occurring monetary transaction which can be susceptible to various forms of crime. It is our intention to ensure that the consumer is adequately protected and that the gaming operation itself is fair and secure with respect to the participant.” The consultation period will end on February 4, 2015.