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New Gaming Licence Fees Regulations


Following a consultation exercise undertaken by the Malta Gaming Authority a new fiscal structure is being introduced by the Government that shall bring into force the Gaming Licence Fees Regulations as of 1st January 2018. This change is part of a stepped approach required in the light of the legal and regulatory overhaul that governs gaming in Malta.

The Gaming Tax Regulations included in the proposed laws accompanying the White Paper proposing major reforms to Malta’s gaming legal framework, are intended to be brought into force together with the remaining new legislation.

In order to facilitate this change, there will be a transitory period of six months, therefore existing licensees shall continue effecting payments due in accordance with the current Remote Gaming Regulations (S.L. 438.04) until the end of June 2018.

As announced by the MGA, the same authority shall reconcile reference months January to June with the provisions of the new regulations by means of a ‘true-up’:

  • Licensees that shall have overpaid shall receive a credit against future amounts due, equivalent to the excess amount paid and to be distributed over a number of months;
  • Underpayments relative to the transitory period shall be settled by the 20th October 2018.

The licensees will be subject to making payment in accordance with the new Gaming Licence Fees Regulations as of 1st July 2018. The respective fees have been published in the Government Gazette dated 22nd December 2017.

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