Remote Gaming Regulations Amended


Malta’s Gaming Authority (MGA) together with the Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business has announced that amendments have been made to Malta’s Remote Gaming Regulations by means of the publication of the Legal Notice L.N 131 of 2016.

In exercise of the powers conferred by article 78 of the Lotteries and Other Games Act and after consultation with the Malta Gaming Authority, the following regulations have been made and can be summarised as follows:

  • Under the amendments, a licensee offering games using repetitively generated random selection (for determining winning combinations to players) shall ensure that, in accordance with the way in which the game is designed, the licensee shall pay out on average a prize amounting to ninety two per centum (92%) or more of the money or money’s worth wagered, or any such higher percentage as may be stipulated through a condition of the licence. The licensee shall take into consideration transactions occurring from the 1st of January 2015 onwards.
  • The Authority may additionally issue a directive regulating the manner in which licensees are required to report, certify or comply with the requirements established in this regulation, and, or exempt types or categories of games from the requirements of this regulation.
  • The licensee will be required to make available and accessible to players (at all times), any information relating to any commission or any fee held by the licensee, or any other fee charged to the player. This will include commission and fee held by the licensee or charged to the player.
  • The Authority will have the right to require a licensee to connect its systems to a monitoring system (operated by the Authority) and to maintain the connection at all times. This monitoring system will be designed to send and receive data to the licensees system and licensees will be obligated to modify and upgrade their systems to ensure compatibility with the monitoring system of the Authority. The type of information that will be received by the monitoring system will include information relating to games, players and financial data that is required by the Authority to fulfill its objectives at law. It will also be used to ensure compliance by the licensee with the Act and that applicable laws, legislations and regulations regarding the prevention of money laundering are being adhered to.

The Lotteries and Other Games Act makes provision for the regulation of lotteries and other games and gaming operations in Malta, for the setting up of the Malta Gaming Authority, and for any other purposes connected therewith including the amendment and consolidation of existing laws relating thereto.

For more information, or to read Legal Notice L.N 131 of 2016, click here.

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