CSB Advocates, Employment Law Alliance Promote Employment Law Webinar


A free 90-minute webinar is being organised by the Employment Law Alliance on Thursday, 27th February at 4pm entitled “Hot Topics in Employment Law for the Oil and Gas Industry: A Global Perspective.”

Among the many challenges that companies in the oil and gas industry face is operating in multiple jurisdictions all around the globe, often using contractors and employees brought in from other countries where employment laws and company policies may differ.

This programme brings together legal experts from the major oil and gas centres around the world, who will address three of the most common and important issues facing employers in this growing industry. Such issues include internationalisation, including the legal challenges of bringing in workers from other countries and contractually protecting workers who are sent abroad.

Another item on the agenda are atypical work arrangements and efforts to avoid the creation of traditional employment relationships, and the corresponding legal risks and challenges associated with using consultants, independent contractors and agency workers. The use of drug and alcohol, fitness for return to duty, and other forms of safety-related testing designed to ensure an accident-free workplace will also be covered.

CSB Advocates is the Malta representative law firm of the ELA and strongly encourage those interested to take advantage of the opportunity to attend this free programme.