CSB Group Attends, Sponsors FHRD Event


Over 300 delegates within the Human Resources Industry gathered under one roof on Friday 14th October to hear how HR became the pivot of business success.

Seeing an ever-increasing number of participants, with over 30 sponsors and 157 participating organizations, FHRD’s annual conference included nine different workshops that dealt with a variety of topics, among which – how to use appraisals as a vital tool for management to facilitate mediation at the place of work. CSB Group was the main sponsor of the event, hand in hand with VacancyCentre.com – the Group’s online recruitment platform.

HR is moving forward. As the economy enters a new phase, in a changing world, managers are trying hard to find a new equilibrium, enhancing the employee’s trust in their organisations and hope for the future. The HR profession was on the forefront in the implementation of measures that deliver more with less and the HR function was critical in navigating the rough seas of the worst recession to hit the world for many years.

A recruitment agency sponsor

One must focus on remaining a fast moving train in the world of competition. CSB Group and VacancyCentre.com, in an endeavour to be on board the train and drive it, were for the first time the main recruitment agency sponsor at the FHRD National Annual Conference and HR & Training Fair 2011. VacancyCentre.com is the online recruitment platform that stemmed more than 12 years ago from CSB Group’s recruitment services’ unit. Titled ‘Choose change today for sustainable organisations’, this year’s annual gathering of the country’s top HR professionals, offered the strongest and most diverse programme ever offered by FHRD. The conference is highly attended by mostly GMs and HR managers but also line managers who come together to discuss and evaluate HR related issues including consultancy services, schemes and other measures that affect employment, training and people management.

The human resource function

The human resource function is now on the forefront of the implementation of measures that delivers more with less and that the HR management has become critical not only for the survival of the business but in anticipating the future and prepare for it. HR managers no longer fulfill an administration function. Rather, they are right at the core of business strategy that will shape the future of the organisations.

Robert Conlon from DC Gardner – who was also one of the main speakers – emphasised the importance of HR professionals’ need to have a battery of skills that go beyond the technical aspects of recruitment and training but identify the talent that will be needed by the organization to compete even if it is a small and locally based enterprise. Needless to say, the HR manager is required to possess well-developed business skills that enables him to align talent to the organisational needs. They also need to be able to present different scenarios for decisions to be taken in view of the emerging changes.

Jill Miller from the Chartered Institute for Personnel Management delved into what business would look like in the future and emphasised that organisations will have to look very different than they are today. The younger generation is better prepared, more ambitious, needs to be engaged and wants to make a difference. They also value a work life balance that respects their personal aspirations and acknowledges their competencies and rewards their contribution. The barriers between countries will continue to drop not only in Europe but all over the world which will make competition harsher but opportunities for new markets will increase considerable. It will be a world where the small and nimble will not need to feel inferior to the big and strong as all will depend on the organisation’s ability to innovate and deliver fast.

Creating a market for HR services

Foundation for Human Resources Development CEO Joe Gerada said that Managers are demanding more events of this nature that bring together various experiences that give them insight into alternatives. He said that 157 organisations participated in this year’s conference which also included an HR & Training Fair where companies could exhibit their products and services. FHRD is not only a service provider of tailor made solutions but has created a market for HR services.

HR is moving forward

CSB Group CEO Michael J.Zammit said that the annual conference acknowledged that HR is moving forward and despite challenges that are particularly true for Malta, the conference takes up this reality and offers an opportunity to all people managers to explore the various approaches and tools offered on the day. ‘’Finance Minister Tonio Fenech said that – despite the recession – companies were expanding as opposed to closing down. Malta also had one of the EU’s lowest unemployment rates in May this year” Mr Zammit said. ”This is clear evidence that it is Malta’s intention to continue moving forward – taking HR along with it”.

FHRD CEO Joe Gerada continued to express his satisfaction, saying that the conference had become a tradition as it has been running for over 10 years and continues to break all records in terms of attendance.

More than an online recruitment platform

This year’s event beat the record in terms of attendance, with the inclusion of two foreign key note speakers, a wide variety of workshops and a series of high-profiles sponsors such as CSB Group and its online recruitment platform VacancyCentre.com – the first recruitment agency that moved recruitment online. VacancyCentre.com has a clear indication that HR is also shifting towards the digital world – where it has recently noted the highest number of registered applicants on the website in 2011 and a continued interest by HR managers and Malta’s top employers to use the Job Postings service, where one can benefit from the 21,000 candidates subscribed to [email protected] and a 40,000-strong candidate database.