Malta Employers Association Presents Budget Proposals


As disclosed today by the Malta Independent, the Malta Employers Association presented proposals for a national budget, stressing that it should be based on sustainability of public finances and not political opportunism. The budget should send a message of commitment towards financial stability, one which does not raise people’s aspirations unrealistically and which does not impose any costs to businesses in these times of global economic uncertainty.

  • Fiscal Consolidation
  • Active labour market policies
  • Targeted Income tax income reductions
  • Maternity Leave
  • Schemes for Micro Businesses
  • Extension of school opening hours
  • Extended incentives for child care services
  • Business with Libya
  • Services Charter

The Malta Employers Association (MEA) is calling on government to endorse and action the Service Charter for Security, Cleaning and Care Working Sectors which has been submitted to the authorities to ensure a level playing field and ethical practices by operators in the security, cleaning and care working sectors.