Malta Attracts Further Quality Investment


“Vision 2015 is also about creating and retaining jobs that offer quality wages, benefits, and opportunities for advancement. Con.Nexo’s presence in Malta, and today’s event is another indication of how attainable our vision for 2015 is. Con.Nexo’s presence is another vote of confidence in our economic policy and vision.”

This was stated by the Hon. Tonio Fenech, Minister of Finance, the Economy and Investment, during the official inauguration of Con.Nexo’s new offices in Msida.

Con.Nexo’, an Italian IT consultancy firm which specialises in the development and management of ICY system has decided to relocate its Head Office operations in Malta. It has already employed 20 people to start operations and plans to double this amount by the end of the year.

It was established in Italy in 2004 and, as a result of year on year growth, has expanded its operations and services to include four countries in Europe and is targeted with opening offices in the UK and South America in 2011.

Malta was subsequently chosen as the preferred location for a Head Office for Con.Nexo’ Group due to its ability to provide a market of people with a high level of skills, particularly in IT as well as the assistance provided by Government through Malta Enterprise to entice them to invest here.

In a short address on the occasion of the inauguration of its offices, Minister of Finance, the Economy and Investment Tonio Fenech said that this is a perfect example where our investment in human resources is yielding returns.

“We managed to thrive because of the abilities of our human resource. We are here today because we believed in this, two decades ago. We need to build further our capacity to meet the increasing demands. We should not shy away from the needs of re-training and continuous evolution of our skills base.”

Tonio Fenech remarked that the country has invested heavily in our IT infrastructure and in the electronic services offered by Government. Indeed, Malta is classified by the EU as the best in terms of Government e-services. He noted positively the company’s decision to move the Research and Development arm of this project in Malta.