Leading Global Recruitment Sites Unite in Cape Town


Local online recruitment portal VacancyCentre.com representatives have returned from South Africa where it has represented recruitment in Malta during The Network’s annual meeting. Held on the 3rd, 4th & 5th October in Cape Town, market-leading job boards from around the world met to inspire best practices, share knowledge on challenges and changes in the different markets and learn from and about international partners.

While international recruitment can be complex, costly and timely, The Network was set up to enable employers world wide to over come exactly these obstacles; especially since language barriers are a primary factor that may hinder a company’s flexibility.

VacancyCentre.com forms part of The Network and has done so for the past four years. In so doing, it provides employers and career seekers with access to a global widest-reaching online recruitment service. VacancyCentre.com’s affiliation with The Network facilitates the global hiring process in Malta, whereby a local or international entity in Malta may recruit talent outside our shores via one point of contact, thus targeting more than 130 countries at one go.

Present at the conference were global Job Boards totaljobs.com as well as stepstone.be and careerjunction.za – all leaders within the online recruitment sphere and powerful across a number of countries.

In line with its 10th anniversary, this year highlighted a very important landmark for the Network, whose members came together to develop strategies and provide feedback.

Many of the job boards united within The Network are pioneers in their respective countries and leaders in terms of innovation. Some of these recruitment sites have a market share of up to 85% and are the undisputed number one in their country.

The event also marked an important event where a corporate dinner was organised in aid of the Nelson Mandela Foundation with representatives of the same Foundation presenting an update about the employment situation in South Africa.