Time for a Serious Jobs Strategy


The Employment and Training Corporation said that August’s un­employment rate increased again by 8.9 per cent, while Part 1 (people looking for a job and without one) increased by a staggering 12.6 per cent, or 781 persons. Nationalist spokesman for finance  Tonio Fenech said that it was not surprising that the more recent GDP statistics of the second quarter of 2013 showed that investment decreased, with real imports and exports declining by 14.8 per cent and eight per cent respectively.

Private sector investors – and not national or foreign public corporations, which have very different objectives – can create jobs. The Maltese private sector has heard very little from this Government in terms of what impetus it intends giving it to generate new jobs.

The spokesman said that Malta needs a job creation strategy. It needs to come up with some new ideas how to incentivise and attract investment to Malta, and how to give new a new momentum to small and medium-sized enterprises, industry and tour­ism. It also has to consider channelling more funds, both EU and national, towards programmes that support new and growing businesses and job creation.