Notes Record Number of Subscribers

MEDIA ROOM are proud to note a record number of subscribers to the JOBmail service in 2011. The online recruitment portal is also pleased to announce a page ranking of 5 – so far unheard of in the online recruitment world in Malta.

If you are a candidate seeking a new and challenging career opportunity, or a client seeking to partner with a value-adding recruitment agency, it is interesting to note that the page ranking of a site will highly affect the success rate of a job posting for your company. Having a database of 40,000 candidates visiting the site on a regular basis, the site also enjoys a total of 21,000 potential candidates subscribed to JOBmail. Those aware of the importance of website ranking and search engine optimisation are those to appreciate the strength of a high page ranking.

The last couple of months have been the most successful for who saw traffic ranking shoot to a page ranking of 5 – the highest as far as online recruitment agencies go – this when compared to an average ranking of 3 among other online recruitment portals in Malta. A high page rank is a result of increased traffic to a website and the popularity of the content found within a website. Now in it’s 12th year of operation, – is operated by CSB Group who has operated for the past 24 years in the recruitment sphere. The online recruitment platform is proud to see an increased interest in the website.

’We have derived a lot from an online presence in the past and its success has continued to spark our interest to further delve into the online ambit’ said CSB Group CEO Michael J.Zammit. The likes of Apple Inc and other large incorporations have moved on to advertise their career opportunities on job boards, where a career is featured on the website together with the company logo. This further aids direct traffic to the company’s website, while one is sure to attract the right candidate, when considering the large amount of candidates visiting the site of their own accord and on a regular basis.

The Job Posting feature is the latest addition to’s portfolio of services. You as the employer or HR manager can now advertise your vacancy on in your own name and with your company details and logo.

By clicking on your company logo, job seekers will either be directed to an application form on your website or will be prompted to send an email to a pre-determined email address including their details and CV. It is good to note that we will not get involved in the selection process so there will be no placement fees involved.

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