Webinar: Employee Data Privacy in the EU


In an era of new processes, technologies and new developments in the workplace, companies are nowadays collecting and storing vast amounts of employee-related data. This is in turn creating a new set of challenges.

While the Data Protection Directive over-arches data protection laws in the EU, its implementation varies across member states. These local interpretations coupled with cultural differences when it comes to enforcement often require additional clarification.

For employers with European operations, this webinar will prove useful insight to potential challenges and solutions regarding:

  • The transfer of employees’ personal data outside the European Economic Area
  • The monitoring of employees at work – both offline and online
  • The (ab)use of social media by employees

This Employment Law Alliance (ELA) webinar will specially focus on Germany, The Netherlands, Scotland and Bulgaria.

About the Employment Law Alliance

The Employment Law Alliance is the most comprehensive network of labor and employment attorneys in the world.  Our members provide employment, labor, and immigration expertise in more than 135 countries around the globe and all 50 U.S. states.  They work closely together to ensure that their clients’ legal matters are handled seamlessly wherever they do business.  We provide a smarter, more efficient and effective alternative to using a single multi-state or multi-national law firm.

CSB Advocates is the Malta representative law firm of the ELA and strongly encourage those interested to take advantage of the opportunity to attend this free programme.