Malta Maritime Forum to Support the Maritime Industry


The newly set up Malta Maritime Forum will be holding its first meeting on the 27th October. The first session will be open to existing members as well as entities, companies and individuals who are involved and have an interest in the maritime industry. The Forum was set up to support Malta’s maritime industry through its endeavours.

The maritime industry has for long been in need of such a forum due to the lack of holistic approach and insufficient representation of all stakeholders in the maritime sector. The forum will approach maritime issues from a broader perspective as a result of this wider representation. This initiative found the support of both government and public authorities involved in the sector.

The Forum will strive to develop Malta’s vision of becoming a maritime hub of excellence by finding ways to capitalise on Malta’s excellent and strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean and raising the standards of Malta’s maritime product. In fact, the Forum’s objectives are to promote, defend and develop new activities within the maritime industry, to promote research, education and training within the maritime sector and act as a consultation body with regards to the drafting of new maritime policies.