MTA Announce Amendments to Commercial Yacht Code


The Malta Transport Authority (MTA) has announced that the Commercial Yacht Code of 2010 has been amended after discussions with various stakeholders from the yachting industry took place. The changes affect yacht registration as well as other processes. The most notable updated features in the Code are the following:

  • the removal of the 3,000 GT boundary – the rationale is that charter yachts which are engaged in trade are getting bigger in size;
  • the Survey & Certification Process has been made more user transparent, friendly and less time consuming;
  • MARPOL and SOLAS up to-date requirements have been introduced as applicable (as by way of example ISM, ISPS);
  • Specific details and requirements about helicopter landing/parking areas have now been incorporated in the Code – the industry has seen an immense increase in helicopter use on board super yacht.

The revised version of the Code will come into effect as the Commercial Yacht Code 2015 on the 1st October 2015. This document was amended in order to better meet the needs and requirements of the ever-growing maritime industry in Malta. It is good to be aware that recently the Malta ship register has grown to become the sixth largest in the world, remaining the largest in Europe. Yachts are also registered as part of this list.

This recent amendment along with other amendments in legislation surrounding vessel chartering and sale will allow for the maritime industry in Malta to further expand as it has done along the years. The amendments made to the Commercial Yacht Code 2010 in particular were carried out in order to allow for current and new technologies that are being used within the industry.