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About Dylan

Dylan joined CSB Group as a Human Resources Administrator in May 2023.

Dylan is one of the main points of contact for any HR related matters and he assists in various day to day duties, such as in recruitment process, employee onboarding, record keeping, company events and benefits. He is a keen person who likes to face new challenges to improve on anything HR-related at CSB Group.


Dylan completed an International Diploma in Human Resource & Personnel Management through Cambridge International College. He also attained several Global HR Professional Module Certificates through an international corporate university system. Dylan had also successfully completed The London Institution of Banking & Finance’s Retail Banking Conduct of Business (CertRBCB) course back in 2018.

He achieved an FSQ Diploma which helped him grow in management within a well-known international fast-food chain. 


Dylan has explored various positions that have helped him develop essential skills and gain diverse experiences. He started his career in HR in 2021, primarily working for one of the strongest international insurance groups. During his time there, he played a significant role in successfully acquiring FHRD's HR Quality Mark for two of its companies.

Dylan also gained experience in accounts and sales while working for a company responsible for managing popular television channels and radio stations. Additionally, he worked as a medical receptionist at a well-established private hospital with a long-standing history.

Prior to becoming a certified academy coach and serving as an assistant and deputy manager, Dylan worked in various departments at one of the world's largest banking and financial services organisations.

Furthermore, Dylan has also served as a guest experience leader and manager within a well-known international fast-food chain.

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