Corporate & Personal Income Tax Services

Corporate Tax & Personal Income Tax

CSB Group provides support relating both to personal and corporate income tax. We will ensure the timely submission of income tax returns and provide the advice to minimise the tax incidence whilst ensuring full compliance with the respective tax statutes.

Tax Structuring in Malta

Our Tax Consultants are able to provide professional advice about the best fiscal solutions for your particular case, with a view to effectively structure your presence in Malta, whilst minimising the tax incidence.  Our team will be also be able to implement any form of structure or application for any particular incentive regime that may be required to this effect.

Ensuring Compliance with Tax Statutes for Companies and Individuals

Additionally, provide support with the completion of and submission of the annual Income Tax Computation and Self-Assessment Forms, both for individuals and for companies.  We can also provide assistance with the payment of any dues, as well as a apply for any tax refunds due on behalf of the client, if applicable, and ensure that if due, this refund is received from the respective statutory authorities accordingly.

We’ve been using CSB services for four years and they have been a great asset to our business. We’ve been very impressed with their friendliness and responsiveness and with the staff constantly producing quality work in every aspect of their business – from book keeping to tax preparation. We’re glad to have CSB as part of our team.



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