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A phenomenon occurring since humanity has memory, which has taken vastly and different shapes alongside history, evolving through time.

Reasons to emigrate from one country to another may be various – security, a safe harbour, new horizons – and reasons to receive immigration are also vast, as a good immigration policy can boost a country’s economy.


Having a European base


There are many reasons why you would choose to have a European Base and locate both your family and your business in the European Union or, at least, have a second residence or a second – or even third- passport within the area.

Having a safe haven where to go in case of civil unrest, expanding either your business or professional perspectives or giving your children and family a better future and education are some of the reasons why people have traditionally emigrate to another country.

Traditionally, countries would receive emigration through the ordinary routes, allowing them to stay in the country by giving them a work permit or student visa, or granting them with asylum for humanitarian reasons, for example.

More recently, countries have started to design programmes to attract foreign direct investment into their economies by granting citizenship or residence to individuals and families who make an investment in their country, after going through a stringent due diligence procedure.

Should you be interested in European Citizenship and Residence by Investment programmes, may you be interested in relocating to Malta under an Ordinary Residence permit or you would be looking at relocating your business to the Island, our team of professionals will be able to cater for your needs.

CSB Group’s immigration services are targeted to both individuals and businesses. Our professional and quality driven immigration solutions are geared to assist our clients with their Citizenship and Residence by Investment applications and their move to Malta and make it as smoothly as possible.


Investment Immigration

CSB Group Investment Immigration Unit offers solutions to Private Clients nterested in gaining a second – or even third- nationality, or to those who are seeking an alternative residence in Malta, by making an investment in the country.

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Non-Investment Immigration Programmes

Aside from acquiring Citizenship or Residence by Investment in Malta, CSB Group can assist you and your family in your relocation needs should you be looking in an Ordinary Residence or interested in relocating your business to Malta.

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Backed by our team of Citizenship Advisors and excellent working relations with a legal team we will be able to assist you in every part of the path to gain a second citizenship or alternative residence. With a global mindset and high expertise in the Investor Immigration arena, we will be manage your application and ensure that your expectations are met at every stage.

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