Malta’s Financial Services Make Up 98% of the Country’s FDI, Followed by Real Estate, Transportation and Accommodation


According to figures published by the Maltese National Statistics Office (NSO), the year 2014 experienced a growth of € 6.9 billion in financial services and insurance activities. Therefore, the accumulated total stands at €139 billion, 98% of Malta’s total Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Transportation, accommodation and real estate loosely follow in second place as activities from these sectors collectively generated € 67 million in 2014, amounting to a total of € 1.1 billion. Manufacturing brought in €878 million in total, standing in third place, followed by igaming along with other activities from its category, bringing in € 10 million, amounting to a total of € 490 million.

The stock of Foreign Direct Investment in Malta was estimated at € 141.9 billion in December 2014, entailing a total increase of € 8.2 billion over December 2013. In December 2013, direct investment abroad by resident companies was estimated at € 36.7 billion.

Throughout 2014, a net increase of €7 billion in FDI flows was registered, entailing a decrease of € 0.5 billion over the previous year. Direct investment abroad throughout 2014 increased by € 1.8 billion, € 0.2 billion less than 2013.