Revocation of False Residence Permits


A number of Libyan citizens have recently received letters informing them that their illegal residence permits have been revoked and that the concerned individuals were being given a two-week timeframe within which to leave the Maltese Islands.

The reason for this, as disclosed in the letter, was that the information and documentation which had been originally submitted to have the residence permit issued was deemed unreliable. This letter was also sent to Libyan citizens whose application for a residence permit is still being processed, stating that false information had been provided.

A local service provider was accused and charged in Court, earlier in 2015, for the false registration of commercial companies with the objective of acquiring residence permits for the owners and families of such companies. In addition, a number of Identity Malta employees faced extortion charges for their involvement in the issuance of these illegal permits. In so far, the total number of permits that have been revoked has not been released.