Branch Out – The Evolving Roles of the HR Professional


CSB Group together with Online Recruitment Portal shall be participating in the upcoming Branch Out event on the 24th of January. This initiative aims to attract HR professionals locally for a morning of networking and discussion vis-a-vis the latest trends affecting the Human Resources industry.

As the role and impact of the HR profession continue to evolve, it has not reached a critical crossroads. Business leaders and HR professionals have the opportunity to understand the history that brings us to the current situation, to be informed by predictable trends, and to make the transformation necessary to result in organisational competitive advantage and HR functional viability.

Entitled ‘Branch Out – The Evolving Roles of the HR Professional’, the event offers the opportunity to network with HR professionals and listen to what local and international speakers have to say.

Over the last years, the HR profession evolved dramatically, usually in response to external conditions. Unquestionably, the issue is to understand whether this profession will simply react to the changes that continue to occur in the economy and in our business models.

Among the various items on the agenda, one will find Psychometric and Competency-based Assessments, Creative Capital, Challenges for HR Managers in Malta, as well as Training with a limited HR Development Budget.