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Investment Migration attracts Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into countries that offer either Citizenship or Residence by investment programmes, with robust due diligence processes in place. Making a win-win situation, applicants can benefit from a broader mobility thanks to a second passport or an alternative residence, while jurisdictions receive an influx of FDI that helps to balance government budgets and fiscal policies.

Investment Migration

The industry of Investment migration dates to over 30 years, with the first modern Citizenship by Investment programme launched in 1984 in the Caribbean by St Kitts & Nevis. Investment Migration programmes enable sovereign countries to grant residence or citizenship rights to qualified individuals and their families, in exchange for a substantial qualifying investment which varies from country to country. With the needs of affluent families to being more global, to have more flexibility, security and broaden family and business horizons, Citizenship & Residence programmes have been very demanded by international families worldwide. This has also lead to an increase in programme offering, with several new investment migration programmes emerging around the globe. Just to put things into context, more than 100 countries in the world have some form or shape of investment migration legislation in place, strictly speaking, there are over 60 different active programmes. However, only about 30 of this are truly relevant and successful – and at CSB Group we work with a handful of this, taking into consideration their standards, relevance to the industry and overall track record.

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Investment Migration

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