CSB Group attends EURES Temping Agencies Seminar


CSB Group and its online recruitment portal VacancyCentre.com were present at the recent Private Recruitment and Temping Agencies Seminar – an event organised by the ETC (Employment & Training Corporation) as well as The European Jobs Network (EURES).

Minister for Justice, Dialogue and the Family Chris Said introduced the seminar and said that the regulations relating to temporary agency workers introduced last December were of utmost importance since such agencies could be a useful resource for most employers.

Could temping agencies be a stop gap solution for employers, particularly when the industry needs individuals to meet their short term requirements?

It would appear that temporary recruitment is being sought after at a fast and escalating pace and this is a result of employers needing to cater for staff absence and other family friendly measures such as maternal or paternal leave.

Temping agencies can therefore be an added incentive for employers to introduce family friendly measures while providing a stop gap solution while these measures are being put into force. Since the year 2000, there were 12,000 more women who are now part of the working force. A similar increase in women’s involvement is also experienced when looking at the number of women in tertiary education.

CSB Group CEO Michael J Zammit, said ‘‘We are expecting more employers to consider temping agencies to provide them with stop-gap solutions once any of their permanent workers went out on paternal, maternal, sickness or injury leave.

This is going to provide employers with added flexibility. We have been involved in the recruitment sphere for the past 25 years and we believe that these regulations were much needed. It was a wise move on the government’s part who is doing a great job with helping employers introduce family-friendly measures while not impacting businesses negatively.

In it’s 12th year of operation, our online recruitment portal VacancyCentre.com – operated and owned by CSB Group – continues to cater for those wishing to employ or be employed. As a financial services firm, we also understand and appreciate that the introduction of such measures will lead to an increase in the number of female workers, thus resulting in an improved economy and women benefitting from a tax holiday by not paying income tax for one whole year.’’