Get Your Malta e-Residence Card When Relocating to Malta


Relocation, particularly when moving to another country, is synonymous with much planning, movement, logistics and arrangements. In the midst of all this activity, it is good to know that there are processes specifically set up to smoothen your move.

The first thing on your to-do list when planning your move to Malta should be getting the Maltese e-Residence card. It will simplify your transition to taking up residence in Malta by giving you the status of ‘temporary resident’ and the advantages that this status brings along.

Any non-Maltese citizens intending to establish their residence in Malta should apply for their e-Residence card within 90 days of their arrival in Malta.

This will entitle them to benefits such as the ability to travel within the Schengen area, and thus most of Europe, without the need of a Visa, as well as access to several electronic services offered by the government and the facility to open a bank account in Malta as a temporary Maltese citizen.

With most of your major requirements taken care of, you can look forward to start enjoying the good life in the sun.