Malta Markets Lifestyle


It is an ideal time for Malta to market its lifestyle, amid a series of setbacks other jurisdictions are experiencing. The lack of an exciting lifestyle, paired with high business costs in some less-than-lucky countries is causing Malta to be perceived as increasingly alluring.

The message that Malta boasts of a very rich culture, excellent schooling, virtually no crime, shorter commuting time and smart, highly-skilled human resources is being disseminated at a fast pace. Topped with its excellent reputation of being a financial services centre of excellence, Malta seems to have the upper hand when compared to London and Switzerland – both experiencing setbacks.

The recent introduction to the 2011 Highly Qualified Persons Rules continues to increase Malta’s appeal on a personal, as well as a corporate level, offering attractive tax incentives available to highly qualified individuals employed with companies licensed or recognised by the Malta Financial Services Authority, whereby they can opt to pay tax at the flat rate of 15% on employment income.

Apart from favourable financial conditions offered, the island offers an excellent lifestyle. Expats are enjoying the benefits and are ready to recommend Malta’s lifestyle – a lifestyle that is being refined constantly. Political stability, coupled with a well developed infrastructure, state-of-the-art telecommunications system, and a solid banking sector provide the highest standards of service to corporate and private clients.

CSB Group CEO Michael J Zammit said ‘‘We work hand-in-hand with a selected network of international partners and feedback from them further enhances and evidences the perception and fact that Malta really does offer a holistic financial and social hub.’’